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Issue: "Babies are back," Jan. 29, 2011

"Long hours and little thanks" (Dec. 18)

At a conference I attended many years ago, missionary doctor David Thompson told how after one of his patients died, the village ignored his message to retrieve the body. In anger, he loaded it into his own vehicle and drove to the village, fully prepared to bury the patient. En route, he told the Lord he was angry because "I'm a doctor, and doctors don't bury their patients." The Lord responded, "Oh no, David. You have that all wrong. You are My servant, and you do whatever I tell you."
Kathryn Lee; Indianapolis, Ind.

"Pushing back gently" (Dec. 18)

Excellent column. One of the most significant challenges for Christians is to harmonize standing against immorality and injustice with remaining in love and forgiveness.
Greg Johnson; Newark, Del.

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Thank you for this beautifully written essay. It is a necessary reminder for me that freely I have received and freely I should give.
Jenni Davis; Madison, Wis.

Good column. The efforts to advocate for just policy positions and just legislation may or may not be directed at anybody personally. The efforts to protect traditional marriage or preborn life in law may originate from an attempt to be faithful to a loving and biblical worldview, not animus toward political opponents.
J. Chang; Riverside, Calif.

"On Dealey Plaza" (Dec. 18)

Joel Belz doubted whether the Kennedy assassination generated any new laws or regulations. It took until 1968 to pass the Gun Control Act, but that legislation began the landslide of regulations that threatens to bury the Second Amendment.
Ken Lockwood; Marysville, Mich.

"Drawn by grace" (Dec. 18)

Thanks for that encouraging article on the Chinese church in America. As the English pastor at a predominately Chinese church, I know many plodding visionaries working quietly night and day to build up the church here intending also to build up the church in China. When we hear how the Holy Spirit is moving with such power across the world, it's like the book of Acts never ended.
Matt Connally; Princeton, N.J.

"Pro-Christianity atheist" (Dec. 18)

S.E. Cupp seems closer to faith than many who profess it. The side benefits of a relationship with our Maker are a life after death that is more than "nothingness," as she put it, yet full of the peace she seeks, and a reliable way to address that "curveball" she mentioned-one that is sure to come.
Brian Broberg; New Freedom, Pa.

"Left out" (Dec. 18)

I am a first-generation Chaldean-American. Those are my people being killed and pushed out of Mosul and the Dora district of Baghdad, among many others. I remember the day here in El Cajon when Saddam's statue fell. There was a victory parade in our streets and thousands celebrated the milestone. It hurts to think of the broken expectations years later. By God's grace many have fled, but my heart breaks for those who have died without their plight and voice being heard by political authorities.
Rafee Jajou; El Cajon, Calif.

Human Race (Dec. 18)

I have not yet decided if I'm happy Tom DeLay is on our team, but your small item on his conviction for illegally funneling corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002 left out many important facts. This verdict is so controversial that even The Washington Post agreed with DeLay in calling it a "criminalization of politics," and noting that at the time of his actions "the state's general conspiracy statute did not cover election law violations."
Vic Tripp; Tucker, Ga.

"Treading carefully" (Dec. 18)

I didn't fully agree with your review of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We were very disappointed with it. They basically rewrote the entire story. While Aslan was in the story, he was played down and this removed most of the book's spiritual emphasis. The movie really felt empty and void of all the meaning in the book.
Amanda Scheidler; Ballantine, Mont.

I appreciated your review of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'd like to add that the scary scenes can be extremely frightening for young children, 3D adds nothing to the movie except the cost, and Reepicheep is extremely good except for some smart-alecky remarks that do not befit a knight of Narnia.
Stephen Lehman; Midland, Mich.

"Tis the season" (Dec. 18)

You mention the Christmas billboard posted by American Atheists that states, "You know it's a Myth." I'd like to point out that the billboard is in New Jersey next to the Lincoln Tunnel. On the New York side of the tunnel is the Catholic League billboard that encourages Catholics and other Christians to keep Christ in Christmas.
Wendy Lovetro; Queens, N.Y.


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