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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Realities: 2011-2020," Jan. 15, 2011

Hidden star

For more than 40 years, a Jewish symbol has hidden in plain sight in the Islamic Republic of Iran. When Israeli engineers built the headquarters building for Iran Air at the Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, the builders installed a huge Star of David on the building's rooftop. For years, the symbol of Judaism went unnoticed in the anti-Semitic nation. But don't expect it to persist much longer. Once alerted to its presence by images available via Google Maps, officials made plans to dismantle it.

Favored terms

Judging by information culled from Google's records of internet searches, Americans in 2010 cared most about Apple products, sports and Justin Bieber. In December, Google released its Zeitgeist 2010, which reports on the search terms rising most quickly in popularity during the last year. Apple products placed first and third, with iPad having the distinction of being the faster rising term of 2010. The iPhone 4 placed third. Chatroullete, the dubious and random video-chatting website finished second while World Cup and Justin Bieber, a teen pop sensation, rounded out the top five.


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