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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 18, 2010

No writing on the war

Charles Whittington's college professor at Community College of Baltimore County asked him to write about his experiences while he was a combat soldier in Iraq. The 24-year-old veteran complied and turned in the paper. His professor gave him an A. Two weeks later, the school suspended him. Citing the violence Whittington wrote about in his school essay, school administrators told the Iraq veteran he couldn't return to campus until he has a psychological evaluation that indicates he's not a threat to other students. "We all believe in freedom of speech, but we have to really be cautious in this post-Virginia Tech world," said college spokesman Hope Davis, making reference to the 2007 campus massacre in Blacksburg, Va.

Rat relocation

After being featured on the A&E documentary series Hoarders, close to 1,000 rats are now up for adoption in San Jose, Calif. The rats were discovered living in a house belonging to someone featured on the A&E show about people who are compulsive hoarders. The Humane Society of Los Angeles transported the rats to a pet shop whose owner agreed to house temporarily 1,000 rats while animal welfare officials seek to find new homes for the rodents.


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