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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 18, 2010

"When Disney was Disney" (Oct. 23)

I saw Secretariat three times. I am a huge fan of horses and I especially appreciated how Disney made a movie my whole family could watch. I was extremely glad to hear that the director of Secretariat is a Christian and that Mr. Wallace had the guts to be who God called him to be, therefore producing a terrific movie.
Carlie Land; Jefferson City, Mo.

"Citizen watchdogs" (Oct. 23)

I have long been convinced that all the charges of voter fraud against ACORN should have been investigated. I am optimistic that more voter registrations in Houston County and possibly elsewhere throughout the country will now be more legitimate because of citizens' careful monitoring.
John Kaiser; Holland, Mich.

"Realignment" (Oct. 23)

It was curious that you didn't mention Tennessee, where Bill Haslam thumped a Democratic opponent to win Tennessee's gubernatorial race. This moved the state from the Democratic Party column to the GOP, yet you listed Tennessee as "safe or no gubernatorial race." You shouldn't ignore the political history and wisdom of Tennesseans. In 2000 we wisely turned away from our so-called native son Al Gore, denying him 11 electoral votes, thereby putting Florida into play.
Alec Woodhull; Rockford, Tenn.

"Drone wars" (Oct. 23)

I agree that we need to call off the drones. We may be killing al-Qaeda leaders with the drones, but we are also killing innocent civilians we are supposed to be protecting; they shouldn't regret our help.
Nathaniel Tracy; Temple, Texas

"Don't forget Obamacare" (Oct. 23)

As an admirer of Rick Santorum I was happy to read the interview. Unfortunately, the otherwise well-researched Santorum lumped chiropractic care in with "healthcare" items that should not be covered and are in no way related, like Viagra. As a chiropractor, I would say that chiropractic care is vital in any serious healthcare plan.
M.E. Ruse; Kalamazoo, Mich.

"'In the thick of it'" (Oct. 23)

I am a high-school student, and for four weeks now I have had mono, which makes you very run-down and tired. I know it's nothing to complain about really, but I was feeling very sorry for myself. I had never heard of Joni Eareckson Tada, but after reading her story I was very moved. It really made me thankful for having mono.
Madison Marsch; Jefferson City, Mo.

"Katrina plus five" (Oct. 9)

I just finished reading Nine Lives: Mystery, Magic, Death, and Life in New Orleans by Dan Baum. Thank you for recommending such an outstanding book. The city has held a very special place in my heart since I was part of a missions team to New Orleans 10 weeks after Katrina. The real-life stories told in the book show the hope of a life lived for Christ and the utter hopelessness of a life without Him.
Sue Nellis; Casco, Mich.

"Quiet diplomacy" (Oct. 9)

Thank you so much for Mindy Belz's thoughtful column. I pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in various places, and I appreciate so much articles that inform the readers about what is happening and hopefully spur others to pray.
Sarah Goad; Joplin, Mo.


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