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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 18, 2010

"Riots against reality" (Nov. 6)

The French people totally overreacted to President Nicolas Sarkozy's increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62. That is not a huge difference compared to the impact it will have on that country's financial status. The French acted like spoiled little monsters, throwing a temper tantrum in front of the world. Sarkozy should not give in.
R. Cover, 17; Ripon, Calif.

"A bigger wave" (Nov. 6)

This was a very inspiring interview. People like Dick Armey working in public service will move the country and the federal government toward the correct course and away from the charlatans.
Bob Woodford; Hudson, Mass.

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The interview with former Rep. Dick Armey was worth my whole year's subscription to WORLD. It was delightfully frank.
Robert E. Gentet; San Antonio, Texas

"Lessons from Haiti" (Nov. 6)

I am sorry to read the article on Charles Amicy of Presbyterian Mission in Haiti, but not surprised a bit. Too many modern missions are caught between incompetent missionaries, who think that getting on an airplane qualifies them to do mission work, and corrupt culture-brokers who are more than happy to work with uninformed and well-heeled wanna-be missionaries.
Clark McNutt; Evans, Ga.

"Hit or miss" (Nov. 6)

There is nothing more disgusting than watching a cowardly defensive back nail a defenseless receiver, and then strut around beating his chest as if he had just done something heroic. Yes, some NFL fans watch the game for the chance to see players get hurt, but they are a small minority. The NFL is right in putting a stop to this vicious behavior now.
Daniel Greene; Selah, Wash.

"Infected by arrogance" (Nov. 6)

Thank you for this column. We as Christians need to be reminded that our government, whether led by liberals or conservatives, can all too easily come to be regarded as a panacea for all our earthly woes.
Dar Ingwerson; Raymond, Miss.

"Overcoming evil" (Nov. 6)

I just finished Laurie Halse Anderson's book, Speak. So much young adult fiction these days is edgy and dark, but life for some teens is, sadly, harsh and dark. Recently our newspaper described a freshman girl who committed suicide because of bullying after she reported that she was sexually assaulted by a senior at her school. Tragically, it was life mimicking fiction.
Lora Lee Downer; Delevan, N.Y.

I have had to put down many books, including Speak, due to the language or topic while reviewing them for the library at my kids' Christian school. I was gripped by the despair in it and, although some young people are in this situation, I found no redeeming message.
Amy Brady; Greenwood, S.C.

"My Frank Wolf moment" (Nov. 6)

Frank Wolf's words regarding the church sliding into immorality and debauchery were very powerful and poignant. I was pleased that someone in politics would say something that is not politically correct. May God bless Rep. Wolf and all the other politicians who share his view.
Joseph M. Gates; Mount Prospect, Ill.

"Ready to eat?" (Nov. 6)

Almost all our food, domestic animals, and landscapes come to us through human engineered genetic modifications people have used in farming and agriculture since Adam, Abel, and Cain. Our techniques have improved as we use our God-given gifts of faith, learning, and effort to better understand God's creation.
Richard Briggs; Belpre, Ohio

Dispatches (Nov. 6)

The cartoon by Gary Varvel, depicting Chinese parents telling their son to eat his dinner because "there are starving children in America," delighted me. I grew up hearing: "Finish eating. The children in China are starving." In my thoughts I replied: "Fine, send it to them. I'm full." But of course I didn't dare say a word, just stuffed it in me. We didn't even think about sassing our parents back then. How I wish my mother were alive to see that cartoon.
Anita Wolfenberger; New Market, Tenn.

The United Nations has a "defamation of religion" resolution that works as an international license to kill those who speak against Islam. Meanwhile, some of our nation's crisis pregnancy centers must publicize their perceived "deficiencies," such as their refusal to perform or refer for abortions. May God open the eyes of our citizens to our perversion of God's justice!
Cheryl A. Hogstrom; Phoenixville, Pa.

"Eyes on the prize" (Nov. 6)

I'm pleased to see Mindy Belz and other WORLD writers telling it like it is and not pussyfooting around the Washington powers, including our president. I, and many other Christians, try too hard to be "nice" too much of the time.
Bill McQuerry; Penn Valley, Calif.


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