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Cutting a deal

"Cutting a deal" Continued...

Issue: "2010 News of the Year," Jan. 1, 2011

Dominating the Twitter conversation in 2010:
• Gulf oil spill
• World Cup in South Africa
• Haiti earthquake

Lighter threads formed around tagged topics, like #pakistanirealityshows (tweets included ideas like "Jihadis Got Talent" and "So You Think You Can Dance?").

In 2007, Twitter users collectively posted about 5,000 tweets per day. Now they post 95 million a day.

Repeal repealed

The year began with President Barack Obama promising Congress that he would fight to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that prevents gay troops from serving openly in the military. New Pentagon rules in March relaxed enforcement of the policy, and in May the House voted for repeal. A Senate vote was the last hurdle, but in the Senate it bogged down: On Dec. 9 supporters came up three votes short of the 60 needed for repeal. Congressional Democrats hoped for yet another vote before Christmas, as 2010 may be the repeal movement's only hope. A new Republican-led House in January does not have revisiting this policy on its 2011 agenda.

What secrets?

Federal authorities arrested a Navy intelligence specialist Dec. 1 after a sting operation caught him selling secret documents to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign intelligence officer. Bryan Minkyu Martin, 22, allegedly exchanged the files for $3,500 and told the agent "that over his prospective 15 to 20 year career, he could be very valuable." The incident comes as federal agencies are strengthening security measures after Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, also 22, allegedly obtained classified material and passed it to WikiLeaks.


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