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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Biblical callings," Dec. 4, 2010

"A precipice up ahead" (Oct. 23)

Janie B. Cheaney's column is spot-on and a call to the saints to get their game face on. Life for me has had a surreal quality to it ever since the sub-prime meltdown began and I sensed that this was going to be really, really bad. We should be in the streets by the millions shouting, "Stop! Stop it! Just stop it!"
Lynn Barton; Medford, Ore.

"Renegades' religion" (Oct. 23)

No one should be surprised that PBS would "give far more time and weight to the fringe personalities" in its God in America documentary. When has PBS ever gotten anything to do with God right? To watch a religious or scientific PBS show, the viewer has to sit tilted way to the left.
Larry Craig; Grundy Center, Iowa

"Crisis avoidance" (Oct. 23)

Kudos to Krieg Barrie once again: His profile caricature of President Obama was a spot-on likeness of the stone heads on Easter Island, idols aloof from the fray.
B.J. Kirkwood; Nathrop, Colo.

"The Social Network" (Oct. 23)

I am shocked that you gave The Social Network such a positive review. What about the lesbian kissing scene? It gagged me.
Becky J. Miller; Ardmore, Tenn.

"Frontier reformer" (Oct. 23)

Thank you for your article on Joe Miller, a very good candidate for the U.S. Senate from Alaska. However, I take offense at the suggestion that Alaska is "a state long addicted to feeding from the federal trough." On a per capita basis, that might appear to be the case, but three-quarters of our land is owned by the federal government, so there's a small economic base. The feds promised development help to Alaska after locking up much of the state with the Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act of 1980. Please, bear with us while we build a sustainable economy.
Rich Thorne; Bettles Field, Alaska

"A touchdown for Sam" (Oct. 23)

This article evoked memories of my autistic son, Justin, playing basketball on his middle-school team. He made one basket that season, but the coach awarded him the MVP award medal for the year because the team coalesced as a team whenever Justin took to the court.
Jim Craig; Richland Center, Wis.

"Wins & losses" (Oct. 23)

It's fantastic to subscribe to a publication that found a personal crisis in Tim Goeglein's life worthy to share with its readers. It shows the power of forgiveness and grace.
Tom Morrison; Wheaton, Ill.

"A good guidebook" (Oct. 23)

While I certainly understand Joel Belz's concern that Christians should always be "mannerly" and "polite" when discussing politics with secularists, on the other hand it greatly concerns me that, during the last 50 or so years while we have been mannerly and polite, left-wing political and sexual activists have taken over our culture by ignoring us or running right over us.
Kirk Hastings; Somers Point, N.J.


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