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Issue: "Broken beyond repair?," Sept. 25, 2010

"Role change" (Aug. 14)

You noted that Lance Armstrong may fall from grace due to drugs. But he showed his true colors when he ditched his wife and kids some years ago for a string of floozies. And his wife had nursed him back from cancer! What a guy.
Richard Brewster; Cutchogue, N.Y.

"The disappointment of the double helix" (Aug. 14)

Rather than being a biomechanical blueprint, DNA more closely resembles computer programs. Programs for vastly different purposes often use identical code to perform common tasks; these are called "operation codes." The "modest" 20,000 genes in all living things might be like the operation codes of DNA. In comparison, the Java programming language has at most 256 opcodes. Could God have used something akin to a computer language with 20,000 opcodes to express something as complex as a living thing? I think He could.
Scott Ritchie; Palm Bay, Fla.

"The end of accomplishment" (July 31)

I appreciated Janie Cheaney's column, except her comment that "still later, [the U.S.] was able to subdue two deadly enemies on opposite sides of the globe, and then single-handedly rebuild them." Not to downplay the U.S. contribution, but quite a few others were involved in the war with Germanyand Japan and, especially in Europe, some of them did a lot of the heavy lifting.
Don Codling; Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

"This important war" (July 17)

America's proud heritage includes fighting a Revolutionary War and many others on the premise that we were "fighting for freedom." If we are not fighting for freedom of religion in Afghanistan, why are we there? Everything I have learned about the Islamic religion and Shariah law indicates that those under that law are not free.
Ray L. Jones; Mesa, Ariz.

"Moveable feasts" (June 5)

Great column! Thanks so much for the reminder to slow down. As a rural family living in the largest agricultural area of the United States, we see how people are in a quest to feast all the time. They come to our fruit stands in May when we have fresh, ripe, luscious strawberries, and they want walnuts or navel oranges, which come in the cold weather. Now in August we have mouth-watering peaches and plums but they want strawberries and cherries, although their cool season is past. I praise God for the seasons of the year and seasons of life, and that He gives us wisdom and grace to enjoy them all.
JulieBeth Lamb; Oakdale, Calif.

Reading WORLD is like hearing from members of our family. There is a warm family feel that we just don't get in secular publications. Thanks for all you do.Joel & Sheila Harris; Grapevine, Texas


Chaplain Frederick McGuffin's rank is Navy Commander ("Warrior class," Aug. 28, p. 42).

Scientists estimate that the BP oil spill is the worst offshore, accidental oil spill in history ("Oil deal?" July 31, p. 8).


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