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An almost ally

"An almost ally" Continued...

Issue: "On the rails," Oct. 9, 2010

Q: How do you get some tall Republican precinct workers? Around the Republican table, we want more people to be invested in the broader market so that they will understand all taxes on businesses and individuals are bad for you. The Republicans want to make more Republicans; Democrats want to make people more dependent on state power and resources.

Q: The Takings party seems to be the party of macro-avarice. Is there such a thing as micro-avarice? The left likes to argue that if you earned a dollar and you want to keep it, you're greedy. My idea is that if you earned a dollar and Fred wants to steal it, Fred's greedy. The left position literally is, if you're against higher taxes on you, you're greedy. There's a big distinction there. The left always calls the right greedy and selfish.

What are the three things most likely to make you more Republican? Getting married, having kids, and being a person of faith. What are the three things that deal with self-sacrifice? The decision to commit yourself to somebody else, raise kids, and that you're not in charge, God is. That really blows a hole in the argument that the less selfish you are the more Democratic you are.

Q: What happened to the Republican revolution of 1994 to the point where 12 years later voters were saying, "Let's throw those bums out, they're as corrupt as the previous set of bums"? Some Republican leaders believed the clever way to get Republicans reelected was to have them do earmarks. If you're raising money in D.C. from special interest groups who just want earmarks, you're not raising your money from citizens in your district who just want good government. This made everything too D.C.-centric.

Q: You came to conservatism through Cold War concerns about the Soviet Union. In our new cold/hot war against Islamists, some conservatives-noting your marriage to a Muslim and your work with some Muslim groups-are attacking you. I've done outreach to all the religious communities in the United States, and you get flack for it. I do a lot of work with the Orthodox Jewish community, which is increasingly Republican. . . . We set up a group, the Islamic Free Market Institute, because there wasn't anyone doing outreach in the Muslim community. As a conservative and as a Republican, I advocate working with all communities of faith.

Q: You also work with GOProud, a pro-gay organization of fiscal conservatives. I am on their board of advisors. I advise them on politics. I am not on their board of directors. GOProud is a conservative group that endorsed and ran ads for [GOP Senate candidate] Carly Fiorina against former Congressman Tom Campbell. Carly supports traditional marriage and Tom Campbell supports gay marriage, but Carly signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and Tom did not. GOProud supports candidates who fight for less spending and lower taxes.

Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

Marvin is editor in chief of WORLD News Group and the author of more than 20 books, including The Tragedy of American Compassion. Follow Marvin on Twitter @MarvinOlasky.


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