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Issue: "Rocks in their heads?," Sept. 11, 2010

Bee careful

Call it melissophobia, but there's little doubt that most normal humans can't do what Albert de Vries just did. At a major bee bearding competition in Ontario, Canada, de Vries won first prize by being brave enough to allow 50,000 honeybees to climb on his head, face, and shoulders. A parlor trick among beekeepers, bee beards are formed when a person attaches a box with a hive's queen to his neck. From there, the usually docile bees swarm their queen, forming a beard of bees on the keeper. Near the queen, the bees don't usually sting. In de Vries' case, the 50,000-bee beard weighed in at more than five pounds.

Aiming high

A bank teller in Bloomfield, Ind., apparently became suspicious when drive-thru customer Justin Johnson tried to cash a check in July. It would have been difficult not to be suspicious, given the amount of the bogus check: $1 million. Johnson reportedly had been confident enough that his scheme would work that he gave the teller his driver's license for ID-leading to his arrest.


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