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Issue: "Rocks in their heads?," Sept. 11, 2010

"Feeling crabby" (July 31)

Simply electing Republicans is not enough. We need to be careful to elect people of integrity who value liberty, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Electing Republicans who are only a little less tilted toward big government than their Democratic counterparts will gain nothing.
Gregg Hanson; Elk Point, S.D.

With great disappointment I read "Feeling crabby," about the governor's race in Maryland. Republican Bob Ehrlich, who never demonstrated an excellent track record of leadership during his tenure as governor, is pro-choice and pro-slots. And you didn't mention another candidate for governor, Brian Murphy, who supports a number of genuinely conservative ideas.
Matthew Loftus; Baltimore, Md.

"The end of accomplishment" (July 31)

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I think you go too far in suggesting that "big projects in the real world have stalled, perhaps for good." Red tape is a big problem, but the United States is still taking part in some of the biggest projects ever undertaken. They're in the realm of the very small, such as particle physics, microbiology, and nanoscience. As a physics student, I both take part in real human accomplishment and glorify God in it.
James Anthony Walker; Chapel Hill, N.C.

Thank you for an insightful column. Where is the courage to accomplish great things? As Christians, why are we so fearful to perform the smallest of tasks when our identity is found in the Lord of the universe?
Todd Voshell; Clarksville, Mich.

The column was excellent. After 35 years working for the federal government, it appeared to me that the primary reason for a federal organization is to comply with all federal laws and regulations and, second, if there is time, to perform a watered-down mission. We will not put another man on the moon until we change the structure of the federal government.
Herman Smith; Albuquerque, N.M.

"Truth & consequences" (July 31)

As a long-time subscriber I am always saddened when folks cancel their subscriptions because of the movies you review. After reading the reviews of Inception and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (June 19), I must applaud your work. As uncomfortable as the reviews might be, I appreciate the details and cautions that you share with your readers.
L. Hart; Frankenmuth, Mich.

Inception was "confusing," "stupefying," and "mind-bending." It's some of the most intense balderdash modern cinema can produce. My wife and I walked out of this insanity after 30 minutes, despite Megan Basham's recommendation.
David McNiel; Morehead City, N.C.

"Abdicating the crown" (July 31)

LeBron James' comment that he "sacrificed" money to sign with the Miami Heat is a clear picture of how bizarre the sports world has become. Sacrifice? He signed a $111 million contract for six years, while most of humanity lives on just a few dollars per day.
Frank Nolton; Woodbridge, Calif.

In moving to Miami, James has reminded the NBA and its fans that the sport is about the team, not the individual, and that the goal is to win championships, not to be the biggest name on your squad. James has been wise to align himself with two other superstars. He won't have the same legacy as Jordan; he will have a better one.
Jeremy Writebol; Santa Rosa, Calif.

"Scout's honor" (July 31)

I am proud of the stance the Boy Scouts are taking. The organization's battle to remain a God-honoring entity reminds me of the fight between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. Let the Boy Scouts be encouraged and stand firm; this will be their greatest badge of honor.
Todd Taylor; Victorville, Calif.

"Investment opportunity" (July 31)

Our church has also connected with the Maasi people. We provided food during the long drought a few years ago and raised $50,000 to build wells and storage tanks to provide safe drinking water, and an irrigation system so droughts will no longer cost lives in the region.
Shirley Roberts; Milford, Ohio

"Moments in time" (July 31)

I greatly appreciate Krieg Barrie's artwork for WORLD. He has insight for illustrating the subject at hand.
B.J. Kirkwood; Nathrop, Colo.

"More than a brain" (July 31)

I was disappointed to see your interview with theologian N.T. Wright. His views are more than "controversial" when they go straight to the heart of biblical salvation.
Donna Hall; Elgin, Texas

"Notable books" (July 31)

Regrettably, I have to disagree with your review of Welcome to a Reformed Church. I found the book pedantic and not particularly accessible to a layperson. I also was put off by the shots at specific churches.
Russ Stevens; Huntington Beach, Calif.


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