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Issue: "Crossing the Rubiocon," Aug. 14, 2010

"A look at books" (July 3)

Thank you for "Writers on writing." I've been writing since I was 15 and have been struggling with completing my stories. I've often wondered if I would ever finish and why I have this drive to write. This article was inspiring. After reading it, I don't feel so overwhelmed. Instead, I would say I'm bordering on hopeful.
Teagan Schmidt, 20; Lindstrom, Minn.

I recently started reading some of N.D. Wilson's books after I read about him in WORLD. I am now hooked. They are fresh and new while also using a classic story­telling format.
Hannah Miller; Holmesville, Ohio

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I looked forward to your "Look at books." But a July issue with nary a good "beach read"? Some of your subscribers are in search of good books that offer an entertaining escape plus a touch of edification.
Elaine Neumeyer; Big Canoe, Ga.

Susan Olasky's refinement of her book reviews into a "best of" list is a welcome winnowing. Each issue of WORLD overwhelms my pick from the last with appealing new options.
Patricia Melzer; Milford, Pa.

"Must Israel die?" (July 3)

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a trip to Israel that made the Bible come alive like a pop-up book. Now I'm taking more interest in the Middle East conflict. After reading "Must Israel die?" I would challenge anyone who thinks Israelis should "moderate their position" to visit Israel before condemning another country's survival tactics.
Anna Cunningham; Salem, Ore.

I'm an evangelical Christian who has lived in Israel for 25 years. "Chicks up front" is a good way to describe Palestinian victim propaganda efforts. But Marvin Olasky also suggests the "real solution is for Hamas and others to accept the two-state proposal." With all due respect, the two-state proposal is a recipe for war.
Bill Schlegel; Jerusalem, Israel

"If we lose the battle" (July 3)

Too many Christian leaders and retirees are content to sit back and focus on church business. They have learned nothing from Bonhoeffer's costly sacrifice. We could nip things in the bud, now, but would rather cruise until the ultimate sacrifice is called for.
Kirby J. Killman; Pasco, Wash.

"Ethical quandaries" (July 3)

Alisa Harris' column about how businesses don't have a board to enforce ethics forgets that both consumers and the government hold companies to a certain level of ethics. The last thing we need is a "Board of Economic Ethics Enforcement" or something like it. We need to hold businesses accountable by not doing business with those who don't treat us right.
Matthew Erickson; Sedalia, Colo.

"Gross gains" (July 3)

David Bahnsen charges that Michael Lewis' book, The Big Short, portrays Wall Street pros as both evil geniuses and utterly stupid, but there is no conflict. They are college grads with insider knowledge and technical skills, but they fooled even themselves into believing that what goes up need not come down. The smartest of the bunch saw an exit strategy in the crash by taking advantage of gullible investors.
Jonathan Lowe; Greenville, S.C.

"Making a mark" (July 3)

I received WORLD on the same day as a fundraising letter from a charity with a Ubimark on the envelope that would direct the reader to a video of their ministry. Your magazine clearly explained this new technology. As I don't have an iPhone, the fundraising letter went right to recycling.
Paul Krause; Jersey City, N.J.

"Give me liberty, or . . ." (July 3)

Family-friendly technology-what a concept! Finally, someone who takes a stand against the debauched porn industry. Way to go, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Todd W. Taylor; Victorville, Calif.

I read in your recent magazine about Apple's attempts to eliminate pornographic apps for its products. Imagine my surprise when, a few days later, I searched Apple's iTunes and saw at least three sex-related apps-all in the "free" category. It just goes to show that the sex industry is relentless in its efforts to get its "product" into the public's hands.
Elaine Michaels; Montgomery, Ala.

"A-minus team" (July 3)

This is a small thing, but in your review of The A-Team you stated that actor "Rampage" Jackson was a professional wrestler. He's actually a professional mixed martial arts fighter-huge difference.
Jeff McKearney; Powell, Wyo.

"Not so cute" (July 3)

Having grown up with and been an ardent fan of The Beatles, I am greatly disappointed to see Paul McCartney treat President Bush, the White House, and the citizens of this country so shamefully. Orteza's excoriation of Sir Paul would have been as enjoyable as it was deserved were it not for the comment, very insulting to vegetarians, that perhaps "not eating meat had taken a toll on [McCartney's] brain."
Loren H. Sanders; Milwaukee, Wis.


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