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Issue: "Your right to vote," July 31, 2010

"Minimizing marriage" (June 19)

The June 19 issue was your best ever, going straight at some of the most thorny issues of our day. Marvin Olasky's "Minimizing marriage" interview was spot on, as was "Unforgettable" on the effects of porn. Great work.
James Bull; Phoenix, Ariz.

"Bargain bliss" (June 19)

It was a good article and fine advice for today's young couples. The greatest gift I opened on my wedding day 21 years ago was my wife's heart. What counts isn't so much what goes into the actual planning of the wedding but what one invests into the marriage.
Todd W. Taylor; Victorville, Calif.

"Hillside hideaway" (June 19)

Daniel Olasky's article provided an inspirational look into caring for the needs of troubled children. However, we take issue with the assertion that the state foster-care system is "uncaring, unfeeling." Thousands of Christian families, including ours, have opened their homes to foster and adoption services. We don't agree with all aspects of the state system, but we are completely free to love, nurture, and protect the children within our home and church.
Jim & Jo Ellen Haizlett; Bethany, W.Va.

"Thirty years war" (June 19)

Your article was extremely meaningful to me as the older sister of several adopted siblings from China and Korea. My 3-year-old brother was abandoned in Shaanxi, China, as an infant because of a cleft lip and cleft palate, and we are in the process of adopting a 2-year-old boy from Wuhan. Because of birth defects, many boys are abandoned in China, not just girls. I pray that children adopted from there might someday return to share the gospel.
Courtney Krause; Willcox, Ariz.

"The anti-evangelist" (June 19)

Arsenio Orteza's latest on David Bazan was great. Another Christian magazine published an extended interview with Bazan, but Orteza handled the whole sad story in a far more appropriate format. It is encouraging to read smart and smartly written takes on the voices that stroll across the world's stage.
Joe Martin; Hampton, Va.

"Don't head for the hills!" (June 5)

It saddens me to see how many Christians forget that God's kingdom is not of this world. If we were to truly believe in His sovereignty, how could we ever be pessimistic about the future? Thank you for not heading for the hills and, instead, pointing to the truth.
Zach Scheller; Mt. Vernon, Ind.


I'm a homemaker with three children under age 4, so my hands are very full. I've found WORLD to be the best way to stay informed, and I find myself staking out the mailbox waiting for my next issue. Thanks for keeping me engaged!
Mary Pantin; Grand Prairie, Texas


Novelist Bret Lott once worked for RC Cola ("Writers on writing," July 3, p. 56).

Lance Armstrong will compete for Team RadioShack at the 2010 Tour de France (Looking Ahead, July 3, p. 10).


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