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Issue: "Tilting at turbines," July 17, 2010

"From the heart" (June 5)

For eight years of the Bush Administra­tion I admired Mr. and Mrs. Bush for their Christian values. Now I see Laura Bush advocating gay marriage and legal abortion, which the Lord declares are an abomination. How Christians can pick tenets they agree with, and disregard those they don't, never ceases to amaze me.
L.D. Bunn; Clarkesville, Ga.

"Double timing" (June 5)

While it is challenging to raise autistic individuals, it is far, far more challenging to be an autistic individual. I watch my children struggle to make sense of this world every day and I know my journey is nothing compared to theirs. I don't spend my time mourning what I have supposedly lost. God has given us marvelous gifts in our children; let us rejoice in them.
Samantha Pierce; Syracuse, N.Y.

"No fly zone" (June 5)

Thank you for the inspiring article about the increasing popularity of baseball in Iraq. It's amazing how sharing a common interest can bring people together, even from very different cultures.
Isaac Haugen, 16; Andover, Minn.

"The special religion" (June 5)Regarding your statement that until the representative to Muslim communities was appointed, "the United States has never had an official representative to one religion before": We do have a U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, clearly the seat of govern­ment of a religion, that predates the special representative's appointment by several decades.
Channing Greene; Smyrna, Del.

"Whose offense?" (June 5)

I loved "Whose offense." It was of great encouragement to me and reminded me of what we are all about.
Barbara J. Lewis; San Francisco, Calif.

"Systemic flaws" (May 22)

This article reminded me that we reap what we sow. What are our business schools producing but highly intelligent individuals who have been brainwashed into thinking situational ethics is valid and greed is good? Laws and regulations will never contain the evils of well-trained businessmen and women who have lost all ethical conscience.
William J. Caldwell; Howe, Texas

"Sin problems" (April 24)

Megan Basham says that Christian films often offer a solution that is "real, but appears trivial and nearly powerless juxtaposed to the problems it solves." Following Jesus is a simple solution to much suffering and it will appear foolish to someone who has not experienced it. I tip my hat to David Nixon and all filmmakers who attempt to express through film the hope they've found in Christ. It's not an easy task.
Mark Allen Myers; Portland, Ore.


President Barack Obama was a former member of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators when Christian Care's executive director Howard Russell addressed it in 2007 ("An important exemption," June 19, p. 64).

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