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Issue: "Tilting at turbines," July 17, 2010

"Gulf toil" (June 5)

Jamie Dean provided a good overview of the issue and described the concern of many who are anxiously waiting for a solution. BP is responsible for the oil leak and it purposely deceived its customers, first by claiming it wasn't the company's fault and then claiming the damage was not as bad as it really is. Overall, I think this was a great article.
Joseph Zavodney, 13; Cedarville, Ohio

"Never good enough" (June 5)

I love the new look! When most magazines change their format the results are usually less than satisfactory, but WORLD keeps getting better! Thanks for publishing a quality news magazine with a profoundly Christian worldview.
Courtney Krause; Willcox, Ariz.

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I liked the column grid lines and boundary boxes, and I dislike the new WORLD layout. It seems like change for change's sake.
B.E. Winship; Laurence Harbor, N.J.

You say, "We want to be good, true, and beautiful." The June 5th issue is a 10 on all counts!
Jerry Sweers; Lexington, Ky.

I love your magazine, but sorry to say I'm not much of a fan of your latest layout. I find it hard to concentrate on the text. In one word: disconcerting.
Jose Jiminez; Kendall, Fla.

"Citizen action" (June 5)

As a Christian and a political science major, I really enjoyed Marvin Olasky's column on defending liberty. So many Christians and Christian organizations lack either tact in their communication or excellence in their presentation, and with its redesign WORLD seems to be mastering both.
Stephanie Kreuz; Swanton, Ohio

Thank you for the reminder that the Bible does not prescribe civic policy and structure. We should not purport biblical principles where they do not exist in terms of national policy, but we should defend the liberties that Americans enjoy as they give us the most freedom to share the gospel.
Becky Filipek; Hicksville, N.Y.

I appreciated "Citizen action." It wisely warns against believers baptizing whatever cause they advance.
James Calvin Schaap; Sioux Center, Iowa

"Silent Treatment" (June 5)

I am about halfway through To Change the World and wonder if James Davison Hunter would have reached a different conclusion if he had written it in 2009-10, with an aggressive expansion of government underway. But I doubt it. It seems to me that while there are certainly theonomists who put too much faith in government, most Christians simply want to roll back government to its proper role.
Jeff Judson; Olmos Park, Texas

"Don't head for the hills!" (June 5)

I see myself as an optimist. I truly think things will get better in the next five years, although the economy will get worse before it gets better. Our current Congress is simply asking for disaster, and we will likely reap the consequences of its actions very soon. However, I'm confident that America will take a drastic swing to the right in the next two national elections. Even more importantly, I see a slow but sure revival in the Christian church.
Maribeth Barber; Ethel, La.

Thanks for reminding us that, as Christians, we really dishonor God with our obsessive worry and pessimism. Yes, there is much to be concerned about in the world today, but if I didn't believe that God ultimately has plans for good, there wouldn't be much point in going on or raising up children.
Jim Stangl; Tacoma, Wash.

Having a dim view of where our country and the world at large are headed is not tantamount to abandoning all hope and hiding in caves. Christians are not salt and light by dropping out when things are bad, but neither should we adopt a false optimism. Even pessimists like me pray daily for the strength to do good.
William E. Ruth; Greenville, Texas

I'm 36 and believe it's very possible that the end could occur in my lifetime. There are times I want to head for the hills, but the reality is that God has always wanted us to live like His return is imminent.
David A. Ellis; Indianapolis, Ind.

"Woman of faith" (June 5)

Catholic honor of Mary is not the same as the worship of God; neither is her assumption into heaven identical to the ascension of Jesus. Any privilege Mary received was due not to her own power but was the reward of her lifelong "yes" to God's will.
Christine Heuser; Bellingham, Wash.

I was delighted to see "Woman of faith." I believe wholeheartedly that Mary has been largely ignored by evangelicals, at great loss to those who should rightfully marvel at her unique role. For years I have been impressed with how charitably WORLD has written of the Catholic Church while maintaining a loyalty to a Reformed evangelical perspective.
Don Groesser; McHenry, Ill.


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