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Issue: "2010 Books Issue," July 3, 2010

Mailbag (May 22)

It was a nice surprise to see a photo of WORLD magazine in Damoh, India. In November 1894, my grandparents William Eagle Rambo and Kate Clough Rambo went to Damoh, bought land there, and started a Disciples of Christ orphanage for boys. If WORLD is being read there, there must still be a Christian presence in the town. Praise God!
Barbara Rambo Hoshiko; Ashland, Ohio

"Delayed, not denied" (May 8)

My grandson, Brandon, was diagnosed with leukemia on March 17. Intensive chemo and steroid therapy have been hard on him and his family-on all of us. Andrée Seu's insights on prayer are profoundly helpful.
Bill Swenson; St. Louis, Mo.

This was her best column yet. I rejoiced that she is finally set free from her insomnia, but mostly I was blessed with her perspective on prayer not yet answered. I had all my family members read it as it seems each of us is at a place where we are waiting on God for relief, direction, or rescue.
Nancy Young; Phoenix, Ariz.

"Gamble or gimmick?" (May 8)

I completely disagree with Janie Cheaney that occasional giveaways may be an effective way to make the point that no material gift can match the grace of Christ. It is growing tiresome seeing stunts like this justified by well-meaning pastors. Where do we draw the line?
Dennis Klingensmith; Canal Fulton, Ohio

"Flame-outs" (May 8)

I was interested (OK, depressed) to read how badly almost every state is handling its budget. How do Montana and North Dakota manage to have no debt when the rest have so much? Do they have fiscally responsible leaders and handle money better?
Sharon Peske; Bemidji, Minn.

"Tested by fire" (May 8)

This was a humbling and resolution-inducing article. Merely reading this account of the Christians in Gaza, while I sit sipping hot chocolate, makes me blush to think that people who may despair of life probably complain less than I.
Earl Leeland Peterson; North Hollywood, Calif.

"Shadow of death" (May 8)

This article reports a claim from Human Rights Watch that Israeli drones are so precise that the civilian deaths may not have been accidental. What about the tactic of planting military targets among civilians, something that the enemies common to the United States and Israel do without compunction or remorse?
Karen Schmid; Lacey, Wash.

"Did you hear the one?" (April 24)

I got a kick out of Marvin Olasky's column of humor and sincerely hope it won't be the last one.
Laura Farrugia; Southfield, Mich.

"O Jerusalem" (April 10)

Jerusalem undoubtedly has much value for Israel, but it also has much value for Arab residents who are feeling very pushed around by Netanyahu's hardline tactics.
Penny Blake; Welland, Ontario

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