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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Gulf toil," June 5, 2010

Long-time fighter

He fought the Nazis, and was even held as a prisoner of war in Germany for five years. He served as a sheriff for three decades where he earned the nickname "Hang 'em Hook." Now, according to police in Edinburgh, Scotland, one unwise perpetrator knows not to mess with feisty 91-year-old William Hook. Police there say Michael MacKinnon broke into the nonagenarian's house and tried to steal his war medals and other valuables. Police say MacKinnon even tried to put a bag over Hook's head and tie him up. Hook said that's all the provocation he needed. "He didn't scare me in the slightest-in fact I like a bit of fisticuffs," said Hook, who fought back against his much younger assailant. "He gave me a black eye-so I gave him one back. He probably thought he had got lucky when he saw me. But there's life in me yet." Hook successfully chased the burglar away, and police quickly arrested the perp.

Creeping along

Police say Isreal Nieves could have been driving eight times faster and still been within the speed limit. Police in Farmington, Conn., pulled over the 39-year-old from neighboring Bloomfield when they clocked him going 5 mph on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. After searching his car, cops say they probably know why he was moving so slowly. They say they found Nieves in possession of PCP, an illegal hallucinogenic, and charged him with drug possession as well as driving at a dangerously slow speed.

Flavored web

A flavor at a trendy Cambridge, Mass., ice cream parlor is certainly turning heads. In honor of a recent internet culture convention-ROFL­Con-owners of Toscanini's rolled out "Internet Flavored Ice Cream." What could such a creation taste like? One San Francisco blogger speculated, "A Mountain Dew-base flavor with chocolate bacon chunks. Something wildly ironic from Humphry Slocombe maybe?" But it turns out he was wrong. Toscanini's Internet flavor is a vanilla-based ice cream with candy Nerds swirled in.


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