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Issue: "Gulf toil," June 5, 2010

"Message in the bottle" (April 24)

Thank you for your wonderful column. I sometimes feel like I am the only person in the world (even though I know it is not true) who ponders these things. They help us consider just what and how big God actually might be.
Joe Bonanno; Waynesville, N.C.

"Payback" (April 24)

Although Fred Phelps Sr. may have freedom of speech, where in his protests against the military is Christ's compassion and love? Have the protesters forgotten that there is no one righteous, no, not one?
Betsy Patchet; Eau Claire, Wis.

"O Jerusalem" (April 10)

I can't recall weeping so frequently while reading a magazine as I did while reading "O Jerusalem." And Janie B. Cheaney put my experience in words with "a personal language where days call to days and supply speaks to need" ("Age of miracles").
Doug Denbow; Howard, Ohio

"Start-up or upstart?" (April 10)

I read Mindy Belz's column on economic prosperity in Israel with great interest since I had just returned from a trip to Israel and had seen firsthand some of the evidence of the Israelis' technological advances. Truly the desert is blooming. Count me among those who believe it is primarily because God has brought His people back to their land and is blessing their efforts.
Patricia Handy; Seaford, Del.

"'Going on its own'" (April 10)

I read with interest Andrée Seu's column about William Stead, who reported on the sex trade in Victorian England. A new ministry has just started up in San Diego to rescue children from human trafficking. I too was totally unaware of the problem, thinking it only happened elsewhere in the world. I was shocked to learn that San Diego is among the leaders on the FBI's list of American cities that are beset with this horrific crime.
Ann Williams; El Cajon, Calif.

"Diamonds in the shadowlands" (April 10)

Marvin Olasky's life as a Red Sox fan began in 1960. Mine as a Yankees fan began three years earlier as an 11-year-old when the Braves beat the Yanks four games to three in the World Series, causing me many hours over a hot stove shaking a skillet. I had bet my dad a year's worth of popping corn against $100. But in 1958 the same bet made me one of the wealthiest kids in seventh grade. And I don't think being a fanatic for a team weakens your Christianity. It's not about the Yankees or the Red Sox; it's about the love of the game.
Hugh Thompson; Gilbert, Ariz.

Breath of fresh air

I depend on WORLD for the majority of my knowledge of current events, as our family does not have TV. The conservative perspective is a breath of fresh air among a cacophony of liberal papers. The reviews help give me a Christian perspective on new movies and television, while your books and music section has brought several new books to my attention that I have thoroughly enjoyed.
Ian Kenyon, 15; Columbia, S.C.

OK, so I wrote you before to say that we'd have to part ways, but I just can't do it. Money gets wasted sometimes, but WORLD is never a waste.
Susan King; Live Oak, Fla.

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