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Issue: "Flame-outs," May 8, 2010

Monkey patrol

Police in the southern Thai province of Yaha have a new weapon to help quell the unrest of its separatist-minded Muslim citizens: a monkey in a cop uniform. Because of the unrest in southern Thailand, police units have been forced to set up road checkpoints, which have caused aggravating delays for already perturbed Muslims in the area. To ease the tension, the staff at one checkpoint has dressed a small pig-tailed macaque in a police uniform and allowed him to roam and entertain the delayed motorists. The diversion has been considered a success locally, and other checkpoint staffs have expressed interest in suiting up their own monkeys.

A penny owed

Almost more aggravating to Luis Gomez than having to pay off a traffic ticket was the fact that it cost him 600 times as much to park at the Orange County, Fla., clerk's office to pay in person. The Florida man had thought that he paid a traffic ticket last year but had accidentally underpaid by one cent, prompting local authorities to issue a warrant for his arrest. Fearful that police would arrest him at the school where he worked, Gomez decided to pay the cent in person-and pay the $6 to park at the county building. "They won't take a payment of a penny online," he told a local TV station. Gomez said that he paid in cash-and that he didn't ask for a receipt.


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