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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Flame-outs," May 8, 2010

A good and drastic step

"Reclaiming Erskine" (March 27) was very interesting. I applaud the ARP Church for taking that drastic step to bring its college into conformity to its biblical position. As a former professor of theology, I have seen the liberalizing trend over the years among faculty and in the watering down of curricula and requirements of prospective pastors.
-John H. Stoll; Minneapolis, Minn.


It seems "the team" in this case ("Take one for the team," March 27) is a group of '60s radicals who hijacked the Democratic Party and who have now (with the passage of Obamacare) exchanged "free love" for "free load."
-Albin Sadar; Sunnyside, N.Y.


The story of the lives of the Irish monks is so important and so riveting that I'm deeply grieved to find it being trivialized by the movie you reviewed, The Secret of Kells ("Mixed up," March 27). There's also no excuse for portraying them making friends with Druidic elements, who were genuinely Satanic. The monks of Iona sacrificed their lives to free pagans from the Druids and point them to Christ.
-Linda Columbkille Simms; Oxford, Conn.

But they love it

I agree with Charles Krauthammer (Quotables, March 27): You can't replace old-fashioned mail. The Lord inspired me to start writing a letter once a week, and our teens write letters to the child they sponsor and thank-you notes. (OK, I make them do it, but once they get into it, they love it.)
-Rebeca Freytes Chico DePra; Hornell, N.Y.

Fascinating and practical

Thank you so very much for all of the fascinating and practical information Susan Olasky provides. So many of the websites she reviews in the "Lifestyle" section have proven to be interesting and very helpful. I also enjoy and appreciate her book reviews (Notable Books).
-Cynthia Johnson; Sisters, Ore.

Just hype

Thanks for explaining the NCAA brackets ("Math madness," March 27). But I still don't understand all this hype. It bothers me that my fellow college students seem to care more about their brackets getting messed up than their education and relationship with Christ.
-Miriam Crane; Richmond, Ind.

Not the same

I think it's great that Brian Godawa is working in Hollywood ("Discerning eyes," March 13), but I disagree with some of his points. In particular, he says that the Bible graphically shows the details of sin sometimes, but the Bible doesn't visually show anything-it tells it. That's very different. In the Song of Solomon, for example, sexuality is being discussed, but that is nothing like a sex scene.
-Shaun Smith; Spokane, Wash.

The past and the future

Thank you for Janie B. Cheaney's great column, "Wilderness of Zinn" (Feb. 27). I had never before understood how and why people wanted to rewrite history until you quoted Zinn, whose stated aim was to try to change the future. It was like a light coming on.
-Neil Slattery; Fort Worth, Texas

The rest of the story

Thank you for printing my letter (Mailbag, March 27) about waiting for my adopted nephew Louis to come from Haiti to his new home in the United States. I smiled as I read it, because in between my sending and your printing, the Lord made a way for Louis to come. He arrived in Miami on a flight chartered just for orphans, on Feb. 28. He is now acquiring English at an amazing rate and learning what it is like to live with his forever family.
-Jen Litowski; Matthews, N.C.


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