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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "O Jerusalem," April 10, 2010

Thank you for a wonderful column on Avatar. I can certainly identify with those special moments (a glimpse of the mountains or a beautiful sunset) that make me think of the heaven that we were created to long for.
-Chris Harwood; Ontario, Calif.

Cheaney's description of the Avatar movie-goers reminded me of the public in Ray Bradbury's novel Farenheit 451. People were bombarded with stimulation and encouraged not to think or feel about anything too deeply, to forget and feel good despite meaningless lives. Not every movie-goer has that mindset, but as a society we are constantly seeking for more and more "relief" from reality.
-Kathy Walston; Burleson, Texas

Mush and mud

"An indecent grief" (Feb. 13) really touched me. Recently we have returned to Honduras two or three times a year with short-term mission teams. Back in the United States we have the feeling, as Mindy Belz put it, of "does anybody care" that most of the world is not sipping a Starbucks double-shot espresso? When we shop at Costco and see warehouses of toilet paper and fresh produce aplenty, we are reminded of families who eat cornmeal mush most of the rainy season and live in a mud hut that just this year got an above-ground privy and potable water.
-Mark Young; Yakima, Wash.

A sad mindset

Thank you for "On being respectable" (Feb. 13). I agree! The thought that academic achievements qualify one for use by God is a sad mindset.
-Russell Winter; Marengo, Ill.

Worldwide WORLD

We have lived in Madagascar for six years. Last month we had dinner with another American family. They were telling us about their favorite magazine-WORLD! They did not have to convince us. We have been fans for 15 years. It is one of the few American magazines with a Christian worldview that actually covers worldwide news.
-Tammy Lashway; Antananarivo, Madagascar

Keeping up

I was interested in the news that Zac Sunderland's sister, Abby, will also attempt sailing solo around the world ("Sister sailor," Feb. 13). It was fun to
keep up with Zac's voyage, and I hope to keep updated about Abby's trip as well.-Jordan Dennen; New Lenox, Ill.


Jeff McQueen's flag for the "Second American Revolution" has 13 stars ("Tea & trumpets," Feb. 27, p. 39).

The photo accompanying the March 13 Looking Ahead item (p. 7) showed ABBA impersonators.

CPAC straw poll winner Ron Paul sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. Chuck Baldwin, not Ron Paul, was the Constitution Party's candidate for president in 2008 (The Buzz, March 13, p. 10).

The name of a church cited in "Peru: poco a poco" (March 13, p. 31) is Cristo Redentor. Peruvian musicians play charangos and zampoñas.

In Colorado, Democrat Andrew Romanoff is challenging Michael Bennet for the U.S. Senate seat ("Center pieces," March 13, p. 46).


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