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Issue: "O Jerusalem," April 10, 2010

A choice, a contract

I feel for those who have suffered due to real estate losses ("Ghost streets," Feb. 27). But they signed a contract that they were responsible for reading. I've owned several homes across the country over the last 20 years and have lost lots of money, as I have in the stock market, all the while accepting that it is my choice how to invest. We must recognize that God is in charge while attempting to be stewards of our resources.
-Bob Ashton; Fairfax, Va.

A man, a place

Thank you to Mindy Belz for an exciting article about Ambassador Joseph of Haiti ("Taking charge," Feb. 27). I have prayed that God would turn this tragedy for the good of the people of Haiti. The fact that He has such a godly man in such a strategic place seems to be a strong indication that He's doing just that.
-Paul Hepler; Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Since the quake Haitians not only need to build cities but to establish a new form of government that has incentives to build a middle class. If they build cities, they should be sustainable without corruption, open sewers, or voodoo and have industry and business incentives. Godspeed the recovery effort!
-Wendell Swartzentruber; Ashland, Ohio

I appreciated "Aftershock" (Feb. 27) but was a bit bothered by the "Traumatic history" timeline. Haiti has been plagued with civil wars, oppressive regimes, and government instability for most of its 200 years of relative freedom, and long before Papa Doc's ascension to power. It has suffered from racial and economic exploitation by the French, British, Spanish, and Americans. I pray that the recent events will help to deliver the Haitian people from many of the political and economic traumas that they have experienced for entirely too long
-Rickey Armstrong; Miami, Fla.

We don't create

Andrée Seu wonders whether when we humans speak (in this case, when we bless or curse), "we actually have the power-the awesome, Old Testament style, Genesis 1 style, power" to bring good or evil on people. But we do not bless, give benedictions, or pray because we have the power to create realities with our words. Rather, we have a good and gracious God who condescends to work His will in this world in large measure through the prayers and blessings of His people.
-Jim Blatzheim; Savage, Minn.

So much sense

Janie B. Cheaney's column on historian Howard Zinn was excellent ("The wilderness of Zinn," Feb. 27). She is an extraordinarily gifted thinker and writer. So much good sense, and such delightful, lucid prose!
-John R. Erickson; Perryton, Texas

Christian parallels

I have been following ABC's Lost for years ("Mystery island," Feb. 27). It was refreshing to see an intelligent article from a Christian source that didn't bash the show for its language, violence, and dark tones. Instead, you focused on the Christian symbolism found everywhere in the show.
-Kevin Anderson; Indianapolis, Ind.

Human nature is drawn to biblical parallels in entertainment, from "good versus evil" to the unexpected risen leader to a life given for another. If secular writers use biblical parallels to draw audiences, we must be careful not to Christianize their efforts when they are making no attempt to glorify God.
-Brian Church; Cheyenne, Wyo.

Let 'em ride

Listeners familiar with his music know that Michael Martin Murphey ("Still hangin' round," Feb. 27) is indeed the exception to the line, "Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys." He has for years embodied what it means to be a public man of honor. Thank you for an on-the-money tribute.
-Joseph Martin; Hampton, Va.

Review of reviews

Thank you for your movie reviews. Your Christian viewpoints help give me an idea what the movie is like and whether or not I should go see it.
-Jared Thomason, 17; Billings, Mont.

A great blessing

I found "Turning out the lights" (Feb. 27) captivating. I hope Edward Lee Pitts keeps up with the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment and writes again when the soldiers finish their tour of duty in Iraq. It would be a great blessing to hear that those special people he wrote about made it home again safely.
-Gloria Huber; Sarasota, Fla.

Real life, rearranged

Janie Cheaney's column on Pandora ("Reel beauty," Feb. 13) noted that everything in Avatar was "taken from real life and rearranged, enlarged, and color enhanced," including the pink spiral-shaped plants that collapsed. They were a perfect knock-off of an inhabitant of coral reefs, the Christmas tree worm, or Spirobranchus giganteus. Many a scuba diver has enjoyed sending the creatures back into their protective tubes, just as Jake had done. God's creation is wondrous to behold, on land and in the seas!
-Keith Crownover; Hollidaysburg, Pa.


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