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Issue: "Ghost streets," Feb. 27, 2010

Impersonal enemy

"Waging holy war" (Jan. 16), about the Fort Hood gunman, Nidal Hasan, was wonderful. I am a retired minister and used to tell my people that if Adolf Hitler had come to Jesus on his deathbed, we would see him in heaven. Many people did not like that, but God wants all of us there with Him.
-Edd Worley; Grant City, Mo.

Dealing with an impersonal enemy is such a difficult issue, and I have never before read such a simple and accurate way to deal with something our politically correct culture seems absolutely unable to handle.
-Bill & Kathryn Douglas; Lafayette, La.

True freedom

Thanks to Janie B. Cheaney for "Out of Egypt" (Jan. 2) on spiritual freedom. So often I find myself viewing freedom from the world's perspective. However, the Bible makes it clear that true freedom is not the authority to do whatever you want to do but the ability to do that which you should do.
-Lois Miller; East Berlin, Pa.

Ceased to exist

I began attending the Episcopal Church 22 years ago, but recently I have witnessed its moral and spiritual decay ("News of the year: Churches," Jan. 2). The Episcopal Church I once knew has ceased to exist. Instead of upholding the Judeo-Christian model of marriage that God ordained, it has unwisely chosen to promote homosexuality in America. The Episcopal Church would do well to remember that God is sovereign over culture, not the other way around.
-JoAnn L. Fuir; Lewisburg, W.Va.

Serious doubts

In "Going against the stereotype" (Dec. 19), the author asks, "Can science accept the concept of an intelligence beyond nature directing nature? If not, should the definition of science change?" If God's effects on nature could be systematically measured and predicted, then He would simply be part of nature, and no longer beyond nature. I have very serious doubts that He would cooperate.
-Robert F. Scott; Knoxville, Tenn.

Make room

While I appreciate WORLD's "big tent" philosophy regarding its readers' interpretation of Genesis 1 ("War and peace," Dec. 19), I would suggest that WORLD still needs to make room for the many Christians who accept common descent as God's modus operandi for creating. Objections like the mathematical improbability of evolution no longer matter when a personal God is behind the process.
-Thomas Hogue; Jackson, Miss.

An honest look

When I first began reading WORLD I was loath to read the political articles because I had been disillusioned by all the lies in politics. My apathy was compounded by Christians who would blindly follow the party line or passionately argue over every issue. But WORLD slowly won me over. Your balanced articles show politics for what they are: in so many ways grievously far from what they should be, yet not completely without virtue. Thank you for helping me take an honest look.
-Daniel Griswold; Wyoming, Mich.


I was just reviewing some older issues of WORLD and was struck again with the breadth, versatility, and wit of writer and music critic Arsenio Orteza. Thank you for the opportunity to keep hearing from him.
-Barbara Masoner; Los Angeles, Calif.


Trevor Thomas of the Human Rights Campaign said he never asked for Larry Grad's firing ("Maine event," Jan. 30, p. 35).


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