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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "The Haiti quake," Feb. 13, 2010

Too fast at any speed

How fast is too fast? According to the Nottinghamshire police department in the United Kingdom, Jeff Buck's car was moving too fast even though it was parked outside his home. Police ticketed Buck for speeding after police officers mistook his parked car for a speeding one while reviewing speed camera photos. Because he has no driveway, Buck says he must park on the street. But a speed trap camera pointed at his street often captures images of his vehicle while other cars speed by. Buck says every time he gets a ticket, he simply complains to police officials, who then drop the fine.

Back to basics

A new high school that opened in Brunswick, N.J., has solar panels, state-of-the-art lighting for a new football field, and classrooms full of pricey touch-sensitive "smartboards." But designers of the $185 million facility forgot a few of the cheap basics: a stoplight and a crosswalk. Now the state has been forced to employ a pair of off-duty cops to help traffic flow smoothly and safely outside of New Brunswick High School. "They built this nice new school, but they never figured out the traffic problem before they built it," bus driver Bob Hartan told the Star-Ledger. "The only thing they think about is throwing up the school real quick."


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