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Issue: "Pro-baby," Jan. 30, 2010

"Cells" sale

If Brian Klug had a purchase limit on his credit card, he certainly exceeded it. While browsing through merchandise from independent sellers on Amazon.com, the California man stumbled upon a copy of a Discovery Channel CD-ROM called "Cells" accidentally priced at nearly $3 billion. Klug said it was curiosity that led him to impulsively click the "buy it now" button on the site. Klug made the $2,904,980,000 purchase on his Amazon.com card, which one website commenter noted would have earned him $87 million in credit card rewards. That is, if the bank hadn't declined his purchase.

Bottle busters

The only thing more interesting than why Ohio lawmakers felt the urge to pass a new law is who would violate it? The new regulation levies a fine on households in the Buckeye State that buy more than 24 cases (or 288 bottles) of wine per year. But lawyers say Ohioans who would buy 289 bottles at local stores need not worry: The state has no way to enforce the law at retail outlets, and local stores aren't the law's target, anyway. Lawmakers who crafted the regulation were apparently more concerned about tax collection on mail-order wine from out of state.

Stuck in the pub

There could be worse places to be stranded New Year's Day. That's how patrons at the Tan Hill Inn in Northern England looked at it when a heavy snow stranded nearly 30 New Year's Eve revelers at the pub for three days. After a night of revelry at England's highest-elevation bar, patrons realized all their cars had been snowed in. It took snow plows three days to free the guests, who passed the time drinking, eating pub cuisine, and participating in bar quizzes. "We've kept our spirits up," pub DJ Peter Richardson told the BBC. "It's actually been quite heartwarming."


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