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Issue: "The Haiti quake," Feb. 13, 2010

Examples of courage

I must mention an unintentional omission in "Oppressed" (Jan. 2). We were in Belarus in 2006, and Christians there are suffering heavily under government persecution. The secret police raid "questionable" gatherings of believers and harass pastors, and missionary activity has been crushed. In a country plagued with agony since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Christians are on the front line providing relief amidst a communist regime. They are examples of courage.
-April Billups; Belton, Texas

Exceptionally good

"Out of Egypt" (Jan. 2) is exceptionally good because we all share the same sin-sickness and slavery. Thank you for putting a new slant on the greatest Christmas message ever, a reminder that only the Incarnation can break us free from our voluntary bondage.
-Roger & Vicki Gorman; Gladstone, Ore.

One wonders

I used to consider myself an environmentalist. I recycle, have a compost pile in the garden, and my garden is listed with the National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife refuge (no mean feat, since I live in a small city in a row house). But now I find that those who use that label tend to be arrogant, pushy, and self-righteous ("Eco-manifesto," Dec. 19). They also tend to be pantheistic, ascribing to nature things that belong to God. Some of their literature makes one wonder if they want the human race to collectively commit suicide to preserve the Earth.
-Dan LaRue; Lebanon, Pa.

Thanks for a ray of truth and common sense. We run a family cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon and are trying to survive against eco-terrorists who put fish, sage hens, salamanders, and wolves in the same nest as God. What Mindy Belz described is but a small microcosm of the mentality of the liberal mind.
-Rich Wilburn; Long Creek, Ore.

Not feeling safe

Lynn Vincent hits the nail on the head with "Homegrown terror" (Dec. 5). I read it again after the events of Flight 253. Let us proceed with full body scans and do what must be done: profile, profile, profile. As a frequent flyer for 50 years or more, I do not feel safe at all.
-Jack H. Titus; Marsing, Idaho

Amazed and inspired

I've been reading WORLD since I was 12, and every time a new issue arrives I think there is no way it could get better. But the Dec. 5 "Daniel of the Year" issue is now one of my favorites. From "Running free" to "Serving with Miss America," I was amazed by these inspiring articles.
-Virginia Keckler, 18; Gardners, Pa.


Pitcher Aroldis Chapman last month signed a six-year, $30 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds ("Sports," Jan. 16, p. 60).

Collin Wilcox-Paxton's TV roles included Mrs. O'Teale in the inspirational series Christy ("Departures," Jan. 2, p. 86).

Prince Caspian sails to the Lone Islands to discover what became of the seven lost lords ("Movies," Jan. 16, p. 53).


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