'Look after orphans'

"'Look after orphans'" Continued...

Issue: "Pro-baby," Jan. 30, 2010

14. Connect with local social service agencies. Most counties and states have child welfare and foster care programs in which Christians should be involved. Many times there is financial assistance for those families who are foster parents or are in foster-adopt programs.

15. Use attorneys or case workers within the church family. Some lawyers specializing in family law are willing to donate their time and expertise to assist a church family with the legal documents for adoption. Such volunteers provide both financial savings and peace of mind.

16. Sponsor a child. Find a ministry of like faith that you know and trust-encourage others to do what they can to pray for and financially support orphan and adoption ministries.

17. Participate in mission trips to orphanages abroad. What better way to raise awareness for adoption than to experience the desperate living conditions of others?

18. Maximize special holidays to emphasize adoption. When adoption needs are presented with sensitivity and discernment, Mother's Day (and even Father's Day) can be an ideal time to raise awareness of adoption. A special offering could be collected for an adoptive couple. An adopted child or adoptive parent could give testimony to God's gift of a family to them. At an annual Sanctity of Life day, typically the third Sunday each January, discussion of adoption can be a poignant reminder to the church of the devastation of abortion, and at the same time a powerful prompting for the church to become adoption-friendly.

19. Celebrate adoption as a church family. Affirm those who pray and encourage others to adopt. Encourage those who give financially to adoptive parents. Celebrate the living object lesson of Ephesians 1:3-6.

20. Support adopted kids as they struggle with questions of identity, abandonment, or rejection. Adoption is the ultimate expression and outworking of loving the modern-day orphan. While not every Christian will be led by God to adopt, the church can and should do what it can to encourage and facilitate adoption. Will you help your church become adoption-friendly?

-Paul Golden works at Baptist Bible Seminary in Pennsylvania

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