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Issue: "Pro-baby," Jan. 30, 2010

As more pro-lifers see the value of pro-life centers for their side, pro-abortion lawmakers and activists are taking note. Pro-life lawmakers are promoting laws that require ultrasounds before abortions, and their opponents are pushing back. Pro-abortion lawmakers are actively targeting pregnancy centers-see p. 57 for a Baltimore City Council action-and accusing them of providing misleading information.

But at least one person helped at Midtown Pregnancy Support Center doesn't see it that way. Kan points out a collage of babies and children, hung on the wall of the storage room where the center keeps bins of baby clothes, labeled according to size. One of the cards reads, "Many Thanks to You."

Kan knows the eloquent arguments of abortion supporters-arguments about unwanted babies, quality of life, and a woman's right to choose-and says, "We idolize people-pleasing, the concept of being accepted by others, not rocking the boat. But ultimately I think it's so offensive to God to be fearful." With both Christian and non-Christian friends he plans to have the kind of difficult conversation that first led him to look at the facts for himself.

He also plans to attend baby showers, boring events for most 28-year-old men but "exciting" when they take place for babies he has helped to save.

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