Senate elections

"Senate elections" Continued...

Issue: "2010 The Year Ahead," Jan. 16, 2010


Last spring long-time Republican Arlen Specter jumped to the Democratic party in a transparent attempt to shore up his 2010 reelection efforts. But joining early 2009's party du jour before it risked its popularity over a mammoth healthcare overhaul may backfire on Specter. His race against former Republican Rep. Pat Toomey is a toss-up. But, in an ironic twist, Specter first must survive something he switched parties to avoid: a primary fight. Democratic challenger Rep. Joe Sestak has been gaining ground with Democrats who have been slow to warm up to Specter.


You know things aren't going well for Chris Dodd's reelection efforts when his former Senate colleague and long-time friend Vice President Joe Biden admits, "Chris is getting the living hell beat out of him." Dodd's seat is the only one of the 19 up for reelection by Democrats that the Cook Political Report has listed as leaning Republican. "Dodd is just too badly damaged to have a decent shot at getting reelected," argues Cook's Jennifer Duffy, "regardless of who wins the Republican nomination." Dodd, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has yet to recover from the controversy surrounding his sweetheart mortgage deal with Countrywide. With only about a third of the state's voters saying Dodd is honest and trustworthy, no wonder that even World Wrestling Entertainment chief executive Linda McMahon has entered the crowded Republican primary fray.


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