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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "All-American adoption story," Nov. 21, 2009

On the loose

If you happen across a giant lizard in northeast Austin, Texas, Ryan Amazeen would appreciate a phone call. Amazeen's 6-foot-long monitor lizard escaped his backyard home on Oct. 17 and appeared to be headed toward a nearby creek. "He's just so big that people are just terrified of him when they even see him at our house," Amazeen said of the 30-pound lizard that has been the family pet for five years. "I don't want him to get killed. I've had him for so long, he's like a family member to me." Amazeen said Rosti, the lizard, usually eats rats and rabbits, but admits it could take down a small dog if given the chance.

Crab dance

Thousands of crabs got a second chance at freedom when a box truck carrying the crustaceans flipped over alongside I-64 east of Richmond, Va., and spilled its payload on Oct. 23. State police were forced to shut down westbound traffic on the interstate in Croaker, Va., for hours as cleanup crews wrangled the skittering crabs back into their crates.


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