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Issue: "Save the unions," Oct. 24, 2009

An American sponsor brought him to GCH, where he met another Afghan boy who could translate for him. Samad couldn't speak English, but he surprised himself by becoming good at basketball, even without hands. He decided to try other new things, and at age 17 he entered first grade at the Christian school.

Within a few years he graduated from high school, then from a community college. Today, Samad efficiently buses tables at The Bread of Life Café, while waiting to apply for U.S. citizenship and trying to help his family in Afghanistan come here. (He reconnected with his mother and siblings in 2001.)

Samad says he's grateful for the Tuckers' ministry: "Mom and Dad have given their lives for us." And he's grateful for finding a home when he was alone and wounded: "The home is a place where people without hope find hope."

Even as Mr. Tucker grows older, he's confident the home will continue to provide hope through the gospel. His daughters and other long-time staff members are committed to continuing the ministry, and Mr. Tucker, 69, isn't planning to retire anytime soon: "Retiring is for old people," he says with a grin.

In the meantime, Mr. Tucker says he relies on God for strength and continues to pray for patience, knowing how that sometimes comes: "Every time we've prayed for patience, God's given us another kid."
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Galilean Children's Home

• More than 800 children and adults served since 1986

• Workers maintain a farm with some 100 chickens supplying eggs for nearly 50 residents

• Recipient of President George H.W. Bush's Point of Light Award in 1992

2007 total revenue: $2,455,076

2007 total expenses: $2,606,916 (Deficit reflects expenses on credit the ministry was in the process of paying off at end of year)

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Jamie Dean

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