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Issue: "Do the math," Nov. 7, 2009

Royal prerogative

The United Kingdom's Royal Mail has taken aim at a website that allowed users to look up British postal codes easily. Officials with Earnest Marples Postcodes say they received a letter from the government service saying the company was infringing on the Royal Mail's intellectual property. The company, which has disabled the service, says it was simply providing the same information that existed on the Royal Mail website.

Gnazi gnomes

The Nazi salute returned to the Bavarian town of Straubing in October, as a crowd of more than 1,200 gave the salute together in the town's historic central marketplace. But these weren't garden-variety Germans; these were garden gnomes. Artist Ottmar Hoerl created the unique exhibit to protest the fascism that he says continues to lurk in Germany. "The fascist idea," says Hoerl, "the striving to manipulate people or dictate to people . . . is latently dangerous and remains present in our society." A German court ruled earlier this year that Hoerl's exhibit does not violate the nation's strict laws against the display of Nazi symbols.


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