A fragile light

"A fragile light" Continued...

Issue: "Do the math," Nov. 7, 2009

That hasn't stopped some Christian groups from outreach in the community. On Oct. 8 a women's group from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Kirkuk made its second visit this year to the city prison, where it delivered clothing and other necessities to female prisoners who are mostly Muslims. One prisoner, a Christian, asked for a Bible, which the group was able to send in later along with other literature. The church group is also working to obtain legal representation and police assistance for those incarcerated who lack it.

"People of Kirkuk are open-minded, but their whole situation is bad," said Sako. Christian presence and works is more often appreciated than not, he added, "even though sometimes it is like a fragile light."

Mindy Belz
Mindy Belz

Mindy travels to the far corners of the globe as the editor of WORLD and lives with her family in the mountains of western North Carolina. Follow Mindy on Twitter @mcbelz.


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