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Issue: "Profiles in effective compassion," Sept. 26, 2009

But the agency's demands are causing headaches for families in compliance: They must send copies of each child's birth certificate and Social Security card, plus provide a letter explaining each child's relationship to the filer. Cynthia Leugers of Indian Trail, N.C., told the Raleigh newspaper it took her 10 weeks to order copies of her children's birth certificates from Oklahoma and North Carolina. Leugers had plenty to do without the request: She and her husband have nine children.

To court

Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California beauty queen who took a stand against gay marriage last spring, is suing California pageant executive director Keith Lewis and former co-director Shanna Moakler for libel, slander, and religious discrimination. Although pageant officials dethroned Prejean, 22, in June for reportedly missing scheduled appearances, Prejean's lawyer says he has found no proof that she missed events or violated her contract. The suit also alleges that Lewis and Moakler instructed Prejean to stop mentioning God.

He her who what?

A British court ruled to allow a transsexual prisoner serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape to be transferred to a women's prison. The biological man, convicted of murdering his boyfriend and attempting to rape a woman, began sex change treatments while in prison on the 2001 manslaughter conviction. The judge ruled in favor of the transfer (although the man has yet to have surgery to remove his male sex organs), after the prisoner's attorney argued that keeping him/her in a male prison "bars her ability to qualify for surgery, which interferes with her personal autonomy in a manner which goes beyond that which imprisonment is intended to do." Tell that to the female cellmates.


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