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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Profiles in effective compassion," Sept. 26, 2009

Car crazy

Ever since John Schnatter sold his now-vintage Chevy muscle car in 1983, he's been trying to get another glimpse of his beloved. Now, Schnatter, who sold his gold and black Camaro for $2,800 to help start the pizza delivery chain Papa John's, has been reunited with the 1971 Z28. After years of futile searching, Schnatter recently placed a $250,000 bounty on the vehicle. The Kentucky couple who purchased the car from Schnatter learned of his search and tracked down the current owner, Jeffrey Robinson of Flatwoods, Ky. Shortly thereafter, Robinson delivered the car to Schnatter, collecting the prize money. The couple who helped locate Robinson received $25,000. "That kind of hit me emotionally," Schnatter said of seeing the car again. "I was kind of numb."

Hitting the bricks

For three hours on July 9, retired school teacher Yan Zhenping took out his frustration on drivers who failed to obey red lights in the Chinese city Lanzhou. What made it worse for motorists: the brick the 70-year-old was carrying. At a pedestrian crossing in the city located deep in China's heartland, Yan waited for drivers to run red lights and then smashed their vehicles with his brick. The aged vigilante, after being joined by other brick throwers and a large cheering crowd, damaged 30 cars in all before police arrived. So is Yan in prison? No, police reportedly have made him a traffic warden, although he now wields a camera instead of a brick.


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