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Issue: "Africa, Inc.," Oct. 10, 2009

Turf protection

The Empire State Building was built in a little over a year, while Rudy's Bar and Grill can't complete a fire exit and two bathrooms in 10 months because of red tape ("Ruled out," Aug 25). It just goes to show that most regulations a government puts out are to protect its agencies' turf.
-William Heyns; Cape Coral, Fla.

Money saved

I saw an ad for The Lost World of Genesis One but, thankfully, I saw your column about the book ("Appearances matter," Aug. 29) before I wasted $16 on yet another "academic" attempt to convince me that Genesis 1 surely cannot mean what it seems plainly to state.
-Rick S. Jones; Michigan City, Ind.

Infinite mileage

Regarding "Volt jolt" (Aug. 29): So General Motors is rating the mileage of an electric car in miles per gallon of gasoline? There will be strong competition from Fred Flintstone's car, which by that same metric gets an infinite number of miles per gallon.
-Bruce Lindbloom; Eden Prairie, Minn.

A vote not squandered

With all due respect to Tim LaHaye, I disagree that the choice in the 2008 presidential election was "McCain, Obama, or squander your vote" ("Influence & action," Aug. 29). I voted for the man whose stance on biblical truth was the strongest. I don't feel I "squandered" my vote simply because my candidate lost.
-Dee Terry; Mulberry Grove, Ill.

Nothing new

Today I read "Secret plans" (Aug. 29) and actually cheered out loud. I've written off most conspiracy theories, but I have no idea what to think about secret power brokers pulling the strings behind the scenes. I do know that there is more than what we see on our television sets. Andrée Seu's column helped me not to feel like a lunatic and reminded me that conspiracies are nothing new.
-Jay Sanders; Jackson, Ga.

Families first

Excellent column, and excellent idea ("Freedom from fear," July 18). I am approaching retirement age and do not believe that government has jurisdiction for either elder care or healthcare. It is time for Christians to go back to what Scripture says about taking care of the elderly and the sick: families first, and then the church.
-Winston Platt; Warsaw, N.Y.

"Freedom from fear" is excellent. There is a critical situation at hand. Who will make the choices? As a Christian physician, I have tried to steer people away from unnecessary and impractical healthcare. What will I do when and if I am the one who is in need?
-D.L. Seibel; Vineland, N.J.

Treasured greatly

Words cannot express the thankfulness to God that I have for your magazine. You deal succinctly with many issues that have not yet come to the forefront, preparing us to advance biblical ideals.
-Michael T. Pike; Des Moines, Iowa

Congratulations to Joel Belz and the WORLD staff on the 1,000th issue. Your magazine is unique in so many ways, and more needed today than ever. Thank you so much for your biweekly gift of news, features, and viewpoint from a Christian perspective. We treasure it greatly.
-Steve Brown; Moravian Falls, N.C.


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