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Issue: "Profiles in effective compassion," Sept. 26, 2009

If only

Thanks for "Riding a surplus" (Aug. 15). Our local, state, and federal governments could experience surpluses if elected leaders established and lived within budget guidelines. I'm sending this article to my governor, Bev Perdue, in North Carolina.
-Jone Reid; Winston-Salem, N.C.

America cares

"Humanitarian surge" (Aug. 1) was stunning. What encouraging news in a sea of bad stuff! Gen. David Petraeus' "imperative" is brilliant. So much for the doomsday pronouncements of liberals on the future of Iraq. The operations on the little girl, the 30-year-old woman, and the blind man by the Provincial Reconstruction Teams show America cares.
-Bruce King; Hamilton, Mont.

The essential need

Sen. Jim DeMint ("The taxpayers' greatest ally," Aug. 1) underscores the essential need of our country, including those in Washington, to trust not just in "god" but in the God who revealed Himself in the Holy Bible. He is capable of blessing and punishing even superpowers.
-Robert J. Hughes; Monroe, N.C.

Sen. DeMint spoke about how the controversy over the display of the national motto in the Capitol Visitors Center is emblematic of the whittling away of religion in our nation's laws, economy, and culture. I agree. God, not government, is the giver of all rights and prosperity and freedom.
-Diana Cardwell; Blaine, Tenn.

Seeing Christ anew

I finally got to reading through the July 4 issue and was stunned by the review of The Stoning of Soraya M ("Movie with a message"). What a horrific betrayal she endured unto death. I turned to prayer and, realizing that God's Son had suffered so similar a death, saw my Savior anew.
-Eileen Schlaudt; Richmond, Va.

Not so equal

Mindy Belz's July 18 cover story, "Crackdown," included a full-page photo of Iranians marching in Tehran. Several marchers raised small signs that read "Honesty = Islam" (notably in English, not Farsi or Arabic). But the notion that Islam is honest is at odds with the Quranic concept of taqiyya, which Belz described as "sanctified hypocrisy" in the same issue ("Lie to me"). If Iran's fraudulent election is any indication, Muslim leaders apparently have no problem deceiving fellow Muslims. Islam couldn't be further from the truth of the gospel or from the One who is the way, the truth, and the life.
-Charles D. Eden; Atlanta, Ga.

Still relevant

Being WORLD subscribers living in East Africa, we're used to receiving our magazines a few weeks late. Thus, when we received two magazines recently, one dated in July and one in August, we were fairly impressed-until I noticed one was from July 26, 2008. Still, we found most of the articles to be interesting and even relevant. Thanks, WORLD, for helping us be better Christians and missionaries-no matter when the magazines arrive!
-Amy Medina; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


The first researcher to argue that American Sign Language is its own language was William C. Stokoe Jr. ("Sounds of silence," Aug. 15, p. 57).

A chart on p. 38 ("Riding a surplus," Aug. 15) showed state tax collections, 1999-2009.

The first Jewish U.S. Senator was David Levy Yulee, elected in 1845 to represent Florida ("Innovation again," Aug. 15, p. 84).

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe is 74 years old ("All in the family," Aug. 29, p. 30).


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