Macon disciples

"Macon disciples" Continued...

Issue: "Africa, Inc.," Oct. 10, 2009

When a Presbyterian church in a nearby neighborhood voted to fold in May, the congregation offered use of the facilities to FPC and Campus Clubs. Lowden and assistant pastor Anderson began holding services at the newly named Strong Tower Fellowship in May. They hope to open a K-5 Christian school in the large educational building and serve as a rare, integrated church for the community.

Ultimately, they hope the at-risk kids at Campus Clubs will adopt the philosophy on the back of one student's T-shirt during chapel service: "Either I'm going to make it-or I'm going to make it."
For more information on this year's Hope Award for Effective Compassion and to read profiles of other nominated organizations from this year and previous years, click here.

Campus Clubs

• Operates eight satellite sites around city

• Works closely with city council and school board members

• Leans heavily on local pastors from small churches to help run programs

• Facilitated Upward basketball, a Christian youth sports program, for the entire city in 2008, with more than 900 participants

2008 revenue: $264,941.98

2008 expenses: $319,408.50

(The deficit reflects a large purchase of educational equipment and materials at the end of 2008 that Campus Clubs paid for with income received early in 2009.)

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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