Finding quality at the end of life

"Finding quality at the end of life" Continued...

Issue: "Profiles in effective compassion," Sept. 26, 2009

"So you don't want to go too slow and you don't want to go too fast; you want to get it right. I think trying to get a bill passed this summer was too fast. I'm hoping, with some careful deliberation the next two months, we can get a good bill passed and signed."

He said Christians should try to be consistent in standing up for certain values, such as for the right to life, and using discernment in making judgments based on hearsay or incomplete information.

"Have principles in mind, keep them clearly in view, and help people understand the moral reasons behind these principles," Gushee said. "Then be a constructive and reasonable voice wherever we can. I think that's the posture we should have."

Despite living with a disease that has no cure, Perdue feels that Christians also should stand against taking end-of-life decisions into their own-or the state's-hands: "Life's a struggle but it's still rewarding," he said. "You have to stay involved. God will do what He wants to do with me, and then kick me to heaven."
-Ken Walker is a writer living in Huntington, W.V.


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