Finding peace

"Finding peace" Continued...

Issue: "Profiles in effective compassion," Sept. 26, 2009

Q: Bleak. That's when I decided that I could not handle it on my own. That's when I began relying on God. After I did that there was so much peace and contentment that came in my life. Our whole family started getting better. Prior to that I was getting bitter. The only difference between those two words is the letter "I."

Q: So you survived. We not only survived, we thrived. Our marriage relationship grew. Our children got stronger. All of those things I worried about. . . . The food companies that sued ADM for the price­fixing won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement. They helped put my kids through college. They helped my wife get her degree and become a teacher.

Q: And a job for you. I got out of prison on Dec. 21, 2006. I started on the 22nd as an executive of Cypress Systems, a California biotechnology company in the same field that I have worked in most of my life. It was a great thing that only God could do. To get that kind of position in the field that you studied for is not the norm.

Q: Your company helps Brazilian street children through Hope Unlimited. There are millions of street children in Brazil. They want a second chance in life. I got a second chance. God forgave me, and then my family forgave me, and the FBI forgave me and became supportive. I want these kids also to find redemption.
To view a video of Mark Whitacre's recent appearance at The King's College in New York, click here.

Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

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