What would my last lecture be?

"What would my last lecture be?" Continued...

Love grace.

I probably wouldn't go off and die without putting in a plug for my guys at TrueFaced. Their treatment of grace changed my understanding, and God used them to change my life. Here is a sample:

"In the room of grace, we grow up and mature into something that is already true about us: [We are] godly. God is not interested in changing the Christian. He already has. . . . God wants us to believe that He has already changed us so that He can get on with the process of maturing us."

Love today.

I think Satan's strategy is devastating simple and effective. If he can cause us to live in regret of the past and fear of the future, then that will rob us of the joy of today. Find something to love in each day. It could be the day before your life summary in the obituaries. Who knows?

Love learning.

I had some bad teaching in my early journey with Jesus but I have never stopped learning and pursuing the truth and what it means to be a disciple of Christ. I love to learn: about God, about life, about everything.

Love Jesus.

I talked to a friend of mine whose son just returned from a youth mission trip to Costa Rica. His main takeaway was this observation:

"Dad, they aren't like Christians in American. They really love Jesus."

I know that many people really love Jesus in this country. But what he saw was unashamed, authentic, and complete devotion to Christ. It is often too easy not to live that life in this blessed land. Really love Jesus. Most of us are content with a Savior. Jesus wants to be Lord in our lives. The difference is profound in how we travel our Christian journey. Learn who you are in Christ. Forgiven. A saint with no condemnation who is adored by God. Trust Jesus to be Lord. God is trustworthy. That is true and I have experienced it.

I think that would be the last point of my last lecture.


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