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Issue: "The ABCs of C Street," Aug. 29, 2009

Honor our heroes

I really enjoy WORLD, but I was disappointed that the item about Ed McMahon's passing (Human Race, July 18) did not mention his heroic war record. He flew in two wars as a Marine pilot and retired as a full colonel. We need to honor our heroes.
-Ed Kaup; Lindale, Texas

Touching transparency

Thank you to Amy Henry for her heart-touching insight and transparency in "Eleventh-hour faith" (July 18). I suspect that I too will spend the rest of my life learning to lean on and be satisfied with the Giver, rather than just His gifts.
-Joel Holt; Somerset, Ohio

Stay tuned-or not

The review of The Philanthropist ("Doing good," July 18) was fine; the show is not. It portrays a wealthy do-gooder bribing his way through the Hollywoodized developing world. He concludes his adventure by having sex with the village doctor. Perhaps in an upcoming episode he will return with condoms, HIV serum, and maybe some more Band-Aids.
-Dan DeGroat; Mineola, Texas

Megan Basham is mistaken about My Sister's Keeper ("A spare life," July 18). It had a solid story, solid acting, and a realistic ending. True, the movie presented no conclusion to the issues, but I believe that was the point. It presented all sides of the issue, then let the audience chew on them. My wife, my son, and I saw it twice and were discussing this movie for a couple of weeks afterward.
-Richard Edwards; Mount Vernon, Texas

I wanted to take gracious issue with Arsenio Orteza's aside that Michael "Jackson's revolution began with his 1982 album Thriller" ("The king is dead," July 18). The Jackson 5 were brought up in the throes of the '60s and churned out the hits until the revolution Michael helped start climaxed with Off the Wall in 1979 and then Thriller in 1982.
-Joe Little; New York, N.Y.

Speaks freely

I greatly appreciated "Be shrill" (July 4). I am a regular Rush Limbaugh listener and he is, as Andrée Seu described him, "one who speaks as a free man." He is not afraid to tell the truth even at the expense of being hated by the news media, Democrats, and fellow Republicans while remaining staunchly pro-life.
-Adena McCaghren; Paso Robles, Calif.

Welcome change

I deeply appreciate WORLD. I read it from cover to cover, and the editorials really make me think. What a welcome change from Newsweek, US News & World Report, and Time, which I gave up years before I began receiving your magazine.
-Joanna Kemper; Compton, Ill.

1,000 issues

WORLD magazine has informed, exhorted, instructed, entertained, and motivated us for over 20 years. Our three oldest children have established separate households and either subscribe to or have received gift subscriptions to WORLD. We hope this habit will continue with our four remaining children, and we pass our copy on to a young couple from our church as our pastor did for us 22 years ago.
-Paul & Ruth Robb; Gobles, Mich.

My wife and I think WORLD is an important part of our healthy "diet." We often "fight" over who gets to look first at the latest issue when it arrives in the mailbox. So enriched are we by WORLD that every year, as a very much appreciated Christmas gift, we give to our son and sons-in-law an annual subscription.
-Bruce Fiol; Charlotte, N.C.

WORLD has been a treasured treat for my wife and me since its first issue. Through the years, my children, brothers, parents, and numerous friends have become faithful readers as well.
-Anderson Funke; Abbeville, S.C.

We regularly read WORLD and exclaim: "Why didn't we see or read about that somewhere else?" After a moment's sad reflection, we remember why: Mainstream journalism increasingly supports Newspeak. Thank you and happy 1,000th issue.
-John & Janet Horst; Woodbine, Md.

As someone who has been involved in biblical and theological research and teaching for over 30 years, I look to WORLD to keep me up-to-date on Christianity and culture, and to provide me with articles and editorials on events and people that tend to be overlooked by other media.
-Charles W. Martin; Sylvania, Ga.

Your series revealing the plans of Zondervan and the International Bible Society for a "gender-neutral" Bible translation was very helpful in alerting millions of Christians to the wolves within the gates. And through your gift subscription program, God used your good journalism from a biblical perspective to lead my sister and her son to Christ.
-Lewis Toms; Charlotte, N.C.

As we try to guide our four children through a world that looks very different from the world in which we grew up, we have been very grateful for WORLD. We rely on it as one source to help our kids understand popular opinion, classroom philosophies, and mainstream media that bombard them with a worldview apart from a sovereign God.
-Dana & Kim Young; Thompson, N.D.


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