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Issue: "The ABCs of C Street," Aug. 29, 2009

Perfect opportunity

Joel Belz's idea ("Freedom from fear," July 18) makes sense. Why do we older Christians try every medical treatment available when we know the end can be delayed a relatively short time? Facing death realistically is a perfect opportunity to act upon and speak of our faith.
-Char Pulliam; Stevensville, Mont.

My father-in-law died four weeks ago. In 2006 he underwent a spiritual renewal after nearly dying from a heart attack. He realized that his new lease on life was a gift to be spent sharing his testimony. He handed out hundreds of business cards with two verses, his name, and the words "Let me tell you what the Lord has done for me." He longed for heaven, but he endured painful medical treatments that prolonged his life so he could share Christ faithfully. So, how much is a life worth?
-Eileen Arentz; Ventnor, N.J.

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A hearty "amen" to Belz's column. As a 50-year-old male, having seen peers succumb in the last few years, what am I or any other believer holding onto here? Belz captures perfectly how the financial management of healthcare enforces an ethos of productivity that many find unsettling.
-Greg Lawrence; San Antonio, Texas

I was disturbed by "Freedom from fear." Each person, no matter his circumstances, is precious in His sight and should be treated as such.
-Sylvia Glenn; Fulton, Mo.

I know more than one person who chose to go home to the Lord before exhausting his family emotionally and financially when there was no hope for a cure. There is, of course, a difference between that and assisted suicide. Allowing our earthly temples to go back to the dust in God's good time allows us to die with dignity.
-Anne T. Phillips; Ashland, Ohio

Belz was right on target. Believers are caught up with the desire to live "forever" on this earth instead of seeing ourselves as passing guests and aliens in a foreign land.
-Roy Anderson; Prairie du Sac, Wis.

Why should the decision maker for your health be anyone but you? If someone has prepared financially and wants to spend his last dollar to live an extra day, that option should be open. Only when we are spending others' money do we have a responsibility to them. While I agree that these are important issues to discuss, I fear a slippery slope in which the young and healthy start to guilt the elderly into dying so they can have more things.
-Mark Plaster; Annapolis, Md.

Good old work

As a former industrial arts teacher, I was nodding as I read "Manual underdrive" (July 18). I would cringe every September when the guidance director announced the colleges our students were attending. I always asked, "What about those who have jobs in the trades?" Can you imagine the look I got?
-Jack Woods; Ronks, Pa.

I've used my college degrees to build a remodeling business over the last 20 years, and that involves communication and perspective as much as 2x4s and drywall. Although some homeowners have basic skills, many folk have no clue as to the simplest practical tasks. I recently found myself wondering with some distress where my daughters will find husbands who can actually do something. I don't want to be fixing their cars when I'm 80 years old.
-Alan Miller; Seattle, Wash.

As a third-year law student, I often wonder how anyone could trade working in fields or a shop for confined work in a cubicle.
-Paul Goppelt; Gonzales, La.

I have an M.S. in mathematics and I own and operate a repair shop. The increasing complexity of consumer machines, cars especially, is a very important point. Customers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix something like gradually dimming interior lights (that are draining the battery because of malfunctioning sensors), when they could have been designed to be simpler, a little less "cool."
-Hendrik Mills; Post Falls, Idaho

Light to darkness

Mindy Belz wonders how the press and our administration can cope with the Muslim teaching that lying is acceptable if the cause is just and you get the desired result ("Lie to me," July 18). Some in the press and the Democratic Party should know exactly how to handle such tactics because they practice the same behavior all the time. They are finally getting some of their own medicine.
-David Wright; Burlington, N.C.

At last the spotlight has been put on the "law" of taqiyya. Hopefully this will send those who are unaware of Islam's evil teachings in search of facts.
-Anne White; Gainesville, Ga.


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