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Issue: "Crackdown," July 18, 2009

The FBI has yet to confirm or deny the present level of its relationship with ISNA, the largest stateside organization of Muslims. FBI outreach to CAIR ended last year after evidence of connections to terrorist groups emerged during a trial against the Holy Land Foundation, a stateside charity that operated as a fundraising front for Hamas.

Like CAIR, ISNA was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial, though far less evidence was presented to establish an ISNA-Hamas connection. ISNA claims that its inclusion in the trial was simply "a legal tactic to permit the government to seek the admission of evidence that would otherwise be excluded."

In fact, past FBI investigations have established connections between ISNA and the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egypt-born movement bent on spreading political Islam throughout the world by any means necessary, including violence. Given the FBI's knowledge of such a relationship, consternation over its present Muslim go-tos might be misplaced. The FBI knows who these groups are.


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