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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "2009 Books Issue," July 4, 2009

New wheels

Thanks to a bit of human ingenuity, one wild California turtle could probably make a case to be the fastest tortoise in the West. The red-footed tortoise was found by a passerby in the hills of San Mateo County after a nasty encounter with a dog. And when the rescuer dropped off the wild female to the local SPCA, vets there noticed one of her front legs had been shredded by the dog. But animal welfare workers had a solution. To make up for the tortoise's disability, they attached the bottom of her body to the frame of a toy truck. And now with three good legs-and four wheels-underneath her, the tortoise even has a new name: Tonka.

Fishy solution

It's the sort of compromise that's not likely to make anyone happy. The trendy international restaurant chain, Nobu, has bowed-sort of-to pressure from environmentalists regarding the sale of bluefin tuna. Environmentalists and celebrities have balked at the expensive Japanese chain's inclusion of bluefin on its menu considering the species' endangered status. Activists, including members of Greenpeace, have pressured Nobu for years to remove the fish from the menu. But in a curious compromise, the chain left the bluefin tuna on the menu but included an asterisk on the menu noting that bluefin "is an environmentally threatened species-please ask your server for an alternative."


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