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Issue: "New faces of New Orleans," Aug. 15, 2009

Political science

Janie B. Cheaney's July 4 column ("Popular science") was very insightful. Here in Texas we've noticed for years how the extreme left tries to couch many issues, from gay rights to abortion to stem-cell research to global warming, as "science vs. the far right." During 
our 2003 evolution wars over biology textbooks, some women wrote to us to encourage us to keep up the fight (against evolution-as-fact) because abortion mills had used evolution, particularly the bogus Haeckel's embryos, to convince them as scared teens that their baby wasn't human yet but was just going through evolutionary stages.
-Mark Ramsey; Spring, Texas

In an issue of WORLD with a story about "last lines," I really liked Cheaney's: "If it comes down to a choice, I'd rather be controlled by profit motives than political ones." Political correctness prohibits the discussion of alternative theories to Darwinism in our universities and public schools. This, in my opinion, is the most dangerous example of political motives interfering with science.
-Robert Ouimette; Bloomington, Minn.

Wisdom over feelings

Selecting Supreme Court justices requires scrutinizing their past decision-making wisdom more than glorifying their empathy ("Empathy for us all," June 20). Certainly, wisdom supersedes feelings in deciding court cases and likewise should reign in the selection of Supreme Court justices.
-Caroline M. Stanley; Houston, Texas

Define and defend

Thank you for Andrée Seu's wonderful piece titled "Be shrill" (July 4). She makes a great case for our leaders to define and defend basic principles. They are as necessary for success to a nation as a spine is to a body. Unfortunately, the USA currently has severe back problems. Shrillness from more Christian leaders can cure the illness.
-L. James Harvey; Caledonia, Mich.

I am deeply concerned about "Be shrill." Seu compares the divisiveness caused by the statements of Patrick Henry and Jesus to the divisiveness caused by the statements of Rush Limbaugh. Divisiveness does have its proper place. However, I believe it is a tool that should be used carefully and precisely instead of the clumsy, injurious ways Limbaugh implements it.
-Daniel Sizemore; Freehold, N.J.

Seu really nails a broad contemporary need in two words: "Be shrill"! It takes freedom in Christ to adhere to the biblical plumb line and not use "code" words for fear of others taking offense. The church and other institutions prosper when men acquit themselves as men.
-Russell Kaufman; Avondale, Ariz.

Overzealous lawyer?

I don't see how Susan Jeffers could try to claim copyright over the phrase, "Feel the fear and do it anyway" ("Own that phrase," June 6). As a librarian, it was my understanding that book titles and song titles were not protected. There are multiple books and songs with the same title, for example. Another overzealous lawyer?
-George Nettleton; Willow Street, Pa.

A thousand issues of WORLD

We have been subscribers since 1987, when we went to Japan as newly married missionaries. Even though it took six to eight weeks to receive the magazine, it was always worth it. Now, with nine children, it is hard for me to get a chance to read WORLD for myself, as it gets snatched up as soon as the mailman delivers it.
-Paul English; Concord, N.C.

Before I found WORLD I read the other newsmagazines, and almost every week I found myself angry at one or more articles that presumed that those who opposed homosexual practice, abortion, or evolution were bigoted homophobes, misogynists, or idiots. Simply to be treated with respect by a newsmagazine is Mississippi Mud Cake. A real newsmagazine with a Christian worldview is ice cream on top.
-Charles Poteet; Texarkana, Texas

My first encounter with WORLD was a surprise. I had no idea that a newsmagazine written from a Christian worldview existed. Since then all seven of my children have spent many hours reading reviews, articles, essays, columns in WORLD. As a result, we have grown in our understanding that the entire universe is under the providential orchestration of a divine Creator.
-Trena Hill; Suffolk, Va.

WORLD has made a difference through the years by keeping us informed from a Christian perspective and by reporting stories that mainstream media ignore. I would never have known about Zondervan and the plans for a "gender neutral" NIV without WORLD's reporting
-Celia Miller; Greenwood, Del.

When WORLD was started, many of us wondered if it could really succeed in helping evangelicals bring God's light into a rapidly darkening culture. I am encouraged to see its growth over the past 23 years. Thank you, WORLD.
-Chuck Anderson; Lookout Mountain, Ga.


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