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Issue: "Hurtling toward havoc," Aug. 1, 2009

I am saddened that Tiller was murdered. His evil acts do not justify the evil act committed against him, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. There is blood on his hands, the hands of the man who murdered him, and on the hands of those in his church who did not attempt to correct his practice of murdering the unborn.
-Mike Inman; Edwardsville, Ill.

That is cricket

As a former enthusiastic cricket player who emigrated from Belfast many years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed "Escape from scandal" (June 20). It is almost impossible to explain to my American friends the nuances of cricket, but Daniel Olasky did a very good job. The article brought back to me the life of C.T. Studd of China Inland Mission. He was a member of the famous Cambridge Seven, all talented students who all followed the call of God to missionary service. Studd was a top-rate cricket player for Cambridge, and he represented England until he gave up a considerable fortune and went overseas.
-Denis MacDowell; Morgantown, W.Va.

I enjoyed learning about the mysterious (to me, at least) game of cricket. It reminded me of the phrase "sticky wicket," referring to a difficult circumstance. I guessed it had something to do with the wooden wickets on both sides of the pitch, but a little research revealed that it refers to the ground around the wicket when it becomes soft after rain, making the ball spin and bounce unpredictably.
-Art Bergquist; San Marcos, Calif.

Losing faith

Upon reading "Keeping the faith?" (June 20), I became very disillusioned with World Vision, and even more so after reviewing its mission statement. My future donations will be supporting a mission organization more in line with my Christian beliefs.
-Carrie Smoldon; Anchorage, Alaska

Two fronts

I agree with President Obama's current strategy ("Mr. Obama's war," June 20). Iraq should be responsible for its own security at this point, and we must also accept the necessity of waging the Afghanistan war in a manner that follows Gen. Petraeus' anti-insurgency strategy. Afghanistan will be a very difficult nut to crack, but a secure, stable Afghanistan is within our national interest. Sadly, President Bush lost sight of that and made the tragic mistake of invading Iraq. While Bush had options, Obama is left with no choice but to "hunt terrorists, spread freedom, and build a nation" on two fronts rather than one.
-Basil Buchko; Manitowoc, Wis.

Remember the words

I was touched by the story of Soon Ok Lee ("Raising her head," June 20), whose mother sang "Amazing Grace" to her when she was very young and she remembered the words so many years later. I pray that my oldest son, when he comes to salvation, will remember those same words that I sang to him as a baby.
-Julie Deisenroth; Munising, Mich.

Life well lived

Thank you for the article on Edward Treski ("To hell and back," May 23). When I saw the date, I realized that Treski was on the same ship that my uncle, Donald Lyle Larson, was on when it went down. My uncle did not survive, but I'm grateful to hear Treski's story of that experience and a life well lived.
-Dean Larson; Tescott, Kan.


One of the founders of The Gospel Coalition is Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor D.A. Carson ("Reformed 'City,'" June 20, p. 60).


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