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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Crackdown," July 18, 2009


WORLD and its readers have greatly benefited from the Olaskys' move to New York City, as the stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Christian artist Robert Zeller well illustrates ("Different strokes," June 6). Thank you for the introduction to Zeller.
-Barbara Masoner; Los Angeles, Calif.

The same grace

Pete Seeger lacks humor ("Unfunny man," June 6)? Come, come! What about "Way Down Yonder in the Yankety Yank" and "Puttin' on the Style"? In all my years of following his career, he has always seemed both g­entle and cheerful. Let's give liberals the same grace we give ourselves.
-Margaret Harris ; Whittier, Iowa

A fitting nod

Although it was a huge disappointment in general, what I had most hoped to see in Terminator Salvation was present: a fitting nod to the title ("Man and machine," June 6). At least twice throughout the film, the cybernetic Marcus Wright appears in spread-armed restraints that are no set-design coincidences, and once even with a chain-chewed brow. He is also an analogy for the human condition, in which the corruption we fight springs up most powerfully within ourselves. Marcus' revulsion with his machine core is convicting; why do we not respond with the same agony when we catch sight of our own sin?
-Clara Meath ; Adelphi, Md.


Thank you for the valuable review of Up ("Charm & grace," June 6). I saw this well-made film and agree that it "entertains kids and pulls on grown-up heartstrings." I hope writer Pete Docter will provide more like it.
-Joan G. Martin ; Marietta, Ga.

They know

Thank you to Edward Treski for his courage and example, and thanks to Edward Lee Pitts for sharing his story ("To hell and back," May 23). Both my grandfathers served in 20th-century wars, and my husband is currently deployed with Operation Iraqi Freedom. These men defy a culture that increasingly knows not what it means to be a man.
-Angela Buursma; Louisville, Ky.

I just read, then tore out for safe keeping, "To hell and back." This story is incredible. I am captivated by his faith and his mother's memory that he held on to with fervor.
-Samantha Bird; Wilmington, Del.


Christian viewers sided with worship leader Kris Allen in giving him a surprise victory in this year's American Idol finale, where a record-breaking 100 million votes were cast (The Buzz, June 6). So Christians will vote in droves for a relatively meaningless flash-in-the-pan entertainer but sit out crucial elections and allow liberal politicians to implement their radical, anti-Christian social agenda. What a pathetic commentary on today's Christian citizens.
-Kurt Schrampfer; Appleton, Wis.

More like redemption

One of the things I liked best about the movie 17 Again ("Happy returns," May 9) was the way the protagonist was placed in his journey. Mike O'Donnell didn't create another past in which he could just substitute events to fix his troubles; instead he grappled with his mistakes and the things he neglected, making the end more like redemption than magic.
-Elsa Wilson ; Tallahassee, Fla.

Hello, WORLD I am so glad my wife introduced me to WORLD two years ago. I value the Christian focus that runs through your publication. I am saying goodbye to Newsweek after reading it for 30 years. Its new, hard-to-read format leaves a cold, detached feeling, and its writers' views are certainly toward the left.
-Richard Feist ; Grants Pass, Ore.


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