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Issue: "Crackdown," July 18, 2009

Inspiring stories

Thanks for recalling the personal memories of several people who were there when Chinese soldiers killed so many people ("Tiananmen massacre," June 6) and describing how a government seeking to crush freedom helped many of its ­people find Christ. Their stories should inspire Americans to rediscover the words, "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights."
-Robert L. Oberst; Syracuse, N.Y.

Our government rightly protested the massacre of thousands of innocent Chinese in Tiananmen Square. That event pales in comparison to the ­millions of innocent babies aborted every year, yet abortion gets the seal of approval from our current president and his party.
-Thomas Burley; Alto, Mich.

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It was most disturbing that a Christian publication would print such a photo on the cover. Where is the respect for the dead?
-Gregory R. Poston ; Houston, Texas

My first thought on seeing the June 6 cover was that WORLD will be barraged with unhappy reactions to it. Upon reading how adamantly China refutes even the existence of the massacre, what better proof than a valid photo of it? Thanks for presenting the news as it is (or was) with no whitewashing.
-Barbara J. Ortler; Chelmsford, Mass.

Thank you for your cover story. Indeed, many Chinese became Christians after Tiananmen Square. Nevertheless, I would point out that quite a few ministers have expressed concerns about whether China's younger generation, which grew up in a more affluent China with greater power, many Olympic medals, and space exploration, is receptive to the gospel.
-Samuel To ; College Park, Md.

It's all good

Joel Belz is right that "there's no way 14 out of 50 Americans even 15 years ago would have said that homosexual marriage was an OK thing with them" ("Going with the flow," June 6). Since the American Psychiatric Association decided 36 years ago that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness, the media have dished out megadoses of propaganda that define the issues in the way most positive and favorable to the homosexual agenda.
-Daniel D. Nave

"Going with the flow" was fascinating. Perhaps one of the many complex reasons Americans have become so permissive is that they are deriving their worldviews from the cinema rather than a biblically sound church.
-Shelby Vafinis ; Memphis, Tenn.

One thing kept nagging at me as I read the column: What business does the government have in legislating God's sacred institution? Let the churches and those who attend them be the ones to recognize and ordain whatever marriages they want. I guess that comes from the libertarian in me. I think it's wrong for anything outside of "one man, one woman," but the implication that I'm giving empty approval hurt a bit.
-Tracie Simer; Jackson, Tenn.

"Going with the flow" hit the nail on the head. Sadly, the same permissiveness is also often true of the Christian community. We need to consider carefully the reasons behind our beliefs so that we are not carried out with the tide of popular opinion.
-Brandon Guest, 15; Woodland Park, Colo.

Call today

I appreciated Edward Lee Pitts' article on the moderate Democrats in the Senate who are the true "Power players" (June 6). These 13 moderates may feel their conservative district constituents watching their every vote for the 2010 elections, and we can also call the offices of our Democratic senators to voice our preferences on upcoming votes. If enough of us do that, few senators would dare vote against that voice.
-Joni Halpin; Allen, Texas

Toward the day

Thank you for your articles about providing parents with an educational choice for their children ("Ticket to learn," June 6). They are a great encouragement to persevere toward the day when most American families, not just the privileged few, have the liberty to choose the most appropriate education for their children. Our president and first lady are one of these privileged families yet, as you note, the current administration apparently plans to deny that same choice to less privileged families who live in Washington, D.C.
-Michael J. Kane; Portland, Ore.

Demand more

I thought "Patronizing the arts" (June 6) was wonderful. At the mention of Damien Hirst, I knew where the column was going. True art has something meaningful to say even if the words are hard to hear. Isn't it unnerving to think what a dead, formaldehyde-drenched tiger shark says about our culture? I wholeheartedly agree that we need to demand more.
-Tricia K. Schoon; Valparaiso, Ind.


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