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Issue: "2009 Books Issue," July 4, 2009

Crisis of our own

Regarding "No-brainer?" (May 9): Yes, we have a health care crisis here in the United States, but it is a crisis of our own making due in part to our propensity to turn to medication as our first choice while ignoring preventive or remedial life style changes. We would rather spend now and pay later, or eat now and medicate later to cover up the damage we do to ourselves. The issues that led to this crisis are far deeper and more personal than the ability to choose our own providers.
-Martha R. Gushee; Flagstaff, Ariz.

For over six years, I have helped senior citizens to fix medical bill problems with Medicare and Veterans Administration clinics. We should not be considering an expansion of the federal government's responsibility in health care until we fix the problems that have been created by the federal government's poor performance and lack of responsibility regarding our senior citizens and veterans.
-Woodrow Wilcox; Griffith, Ind.

Could we do that?

Thank you for carrying Walter Hoye's story ("Straight time," May 9). It brought tears to my eyes and brought the issue of persecution up front and close to the heart. Could we all choose, as Pastor Hoye did, to do the right thing no matter the cost?
-Heidi Schumacher; Astoria, Ore.

Way down

Thanks for the column on Rev. Katharine Ragsdale, the president of Episcopal Divinity School who called abortion a "blessing" ("The 'blessing' of abortion," May 9). It's nice to know what the other side is up to, or rather, down to in calling evil good. The pity is that there's a church body that elevates a person with such unbiblical views.
-Debra Demuth; Watertown, Wis.

Katherine Ragsdale is truly a soldier of Satan. My family was very familiar with the Nazis in Germany. She would do well in that environment.
-L. Rucker; Maple Valley, Wash.


Regarding our new secretary of state ("Not-so-smart power," March 14), things have indeed changed, and not for the better or the "smarter." Hillary Clinton's comment that pressing China on human rights issues can't interfere with other crises shows me that individual Chinese are not as important to the State Department as the benefits we can obtain from having relations with China that will "enrich" our lives. I am ashamed.
-Donna McLain; Harrisburg, Pa.

I have been reading WORLD regularly for about a year now and I've really been enjoying it. My teens read it too and it has sparked lots of great conversations about civics, religion, economics and more. It's a tremendous tool in our homeschool.
-Judith Martinez; Lakewood, Colo.


Food for the Poor ("Plugging leaks," May 23, p. 73) is the largest U.S.-based international aid and relief agency, with support and revenue last year totaling $1.5 billion. It has received excellent evaluations from Forbes, Charity Navigator, and Ministry Watch, and meets the Better Business Bureau's standards.


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